This past week I was in Minneapolis and had the privilege of dining at The 5-8 Club where I enjoyed a world-famous Juicy Lucy.  For those unfamiliar with the Juicy Lucy, it is a hamburger with cheese on the inside of the patty rather than on top. This local cuisine is so popular that is was recently featured on the Travel Channel’s Man V. Food.  To see that clip, click here.

The owners of this restaurant understand a significant leadership principle – It’s What On The Inside That Counts.  For a leader to have the internal qualities that lay the foundation for sustainable success, here is what he/she needs to have on the inside.

  1. Character – Does your private life reflect your public persona?
  2. Integrity – Do you keep your word?
  3. Honesty – Do you tell the truth?
  4. Passion – Do you own the result?
  5. Trustworthiness – Can people count on you?
  6. Purity – Do your eyes look at the right things?
  7. Energy – Do you have a strong work ethic?
  8. Intelligence – Are you a continual learner?
  9. Focus – Do you avoid distraction and leverage your resources toward the right things?
  10. Attitude – Is your’s positive?
  11. Endurance – Do you have what it takes to complete the journey?
  12. Generosity – Are you unselfish?
  13. Externally Focused – Do you put other’s interest ahead of your own?
  14. Kindness – Are you gentle, caring, and tender-hearted?
  15. Self Control – If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others.

For a picture of someone who is extraordinarily talented but did not possess the necessary ingredients on the inside to sustain success, look no further than Tiger Woods.  Don’t be too quick to judge Tiger, however, because in our own strength we all possess the capacity for similar behavior.

The reality in my life is that obtaining that list of 15 is impossible apart from my reliance on Jesus Christ and His work in my life. 

So in the future, if someone calls you a “Juicy Lucy Leader”, take it as a compliment.  They are impressed with what you have on the inside!  Like many though, I could stand to lose about 10-15 more lbs on the outside.  No more Juicy Lucys for me!

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