Like many bloggers, I frequently will post something and just know that it will become the most popular blog I’ve ever written.  However, statistics show that the most widely read posts I write are not my thoughts but rather compilations of great quotes or speeches by others. 

This is a reminder that we are significantly moved and impacted by the use of words and language.  How a simple phrase is positioned or worded can change an average sentence into a powerful statement.  For pastors, the use of language can change an average Sunday sermon into a memorable, life-transforming message. 

Understanding the power of the words we use, the following just some are the reasons why we love memorable quotes:

  1. Quotes frame in clear language what we already know intuitively.
  2. Quotes are concise which allows us to repeat them.
  3. Quotes make complex thoughts easy to understand. 
  4. Quotes help us make valid arguments.
  5. Quotes level the playing field.  Anyone can quote a great thinker and borrow their intelligence.
  6. Quotes inspire us.
  7. Quotes provide solutions to the problems we face.
  8. Quotes are memorable allowing us to re-visit them often.
  9. Quotes can bring people together as well as make us choose sides.
  10. Quotes can build people up as well as tear them down.

As a gift to you, I am going to give you easy access to my most read posts that are dedicated to providing quotes.  Click on the links below.

Finally, I am often asked where you can get quality quotes on the internet.  The following are just three of my favorites resources located on Twitter:


I’m building a collection of sites that leaders can access for quality quotes.  Let me know which ones you use.

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