Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban recently said, “You can’t really promote guys into leadership roles. I think that it’s something that sort of grows, develops and happens because of personality types and respect that other players have.”

Coach Saban is right. There is a significant difference between leadership that is positional and the organic leadership that grows from the influence a person has. The best quote I’ve heard regarding people who confuse the two is “He that leads but has no one following him is merely taking a walk.”

All leaders want to increase their influence and multiply the number of people they impact.  The following are some of the practices of highly successful influencers:

  1. Invest In Other People – This adds loyalty to your leadership.
  2. Do Your Job With Excellence – This promotes the credibility of your leadership.
  3. Start Putting A Series Of Small Wins Under Your Belt – This gives confidence to your leadership.
  4. Build Teams – This allows for the continual flow of talent and resources into your leadership.
  5. Be  Continual Learner – This offers sustainability to your leadership.
  6. Make Relationships A Priority – This gives glue to your leadership.
  7. Forgive People – This ensures the future of your leadership.
  8. Make Others Successful – This shows the generosity of your leadership.
  9. Laugh and Cry Together – This plants milestones into your leadership.
  10. Have A Positive Attitude – This reveals the charisma of your leadership and makes your leadership fun.

Nick Saban’s words shows the level of his influence as he is reproducing young leaders.  If you are looking to increase your level of influence, practice the 10 habits listed above and see the difference it makes.

Leaders, help reproduce some young leaders and tell us what you have learned about increasing your influence?

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