ESPN’s College Gameday just did a feature on Alabama Crimson Tide QB Greg McElroy.  As many of you know, McElroy has not lost a game since the 8th grade when his team lost 8-6 to Cross Timbers Middle School.  The following are some great leadership quotes I wanted to pass along to .

  1. In trying to do too much to win, you make mistakes.  He doesn’t do that.” – Head Coach Nick Saban
  2. He is so positive and gives the team confidence.” – RB Mark Ingram
  3. I made a decision in the 8th grade I didn’t want that experience (losing) again.” – McElroy
  4. If you take what the defense gives you, they will eventually give you the game.” – Coach Saban
  5. “What is a game manager?  I want to be a field general.  A field general sounds more explosive.” – McElroy
  6. He is so focused.  McElroy is a veteran and extension of Offensive Coordinator Jim McElwain.” – ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit

McElroy will lose again one day, but not today.  Alabama will defeat the Florida Gators 27-14.  Time to make your prediction.

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