Generous people have to be greedy.  This thinking is counterintuitive but generosity is addictive.  When you experience a generous lifestyle, you must have more off it.

I am not nearly where I wish to be in this area but I have tried to become more generous during the last decade.  I have now reached the point where I desire generosity in my life. I am experiencing what I call “Selfish Generosity”.  We all want more money but having more financial resources allows the following: 

  1. Being Generous Affects How I Feel – It may sound narcissistic but I simply feel better about myself when I am generous.  Generosity improves my self-image.
  2. I Want To Make A Difference – There are causes that I am passionate about.  Generosity allows me to affect specific areas of the world that I want changed.
  3. I Can Help My Friends During Their Times Of Need – Life can be difficult for all of us.  There are few things as gratifying as when I can step in and meet a need of someone close to me.
  4. Facilitates Solutions – By providing additional funding to projects, life change can be better fueled.  
  5. Eliminates Waste – If I can leverage the resources where I want them to go, I can guarantee they will not be misappropriated.
  6. Provides Access – Generosity has allowed me to meet people I would not have ordinarily met and go places I would not have ordinarily gone.
  7. Reveals and Combats Greed In My Life – Generosity takes the focus of me and provides a proper perspective of the human condition. 
  8. Models Behavior – I want my daughter to grow up in a generous home and learn how to live that out her adult life.
  9. Money Finds Money – I have never met a generous person who was not truly blessed and always had more than enough.
  10. Christ-likeness – You are never more like Jesus than when you give.

For many of you, it is time to get your generosity fix! 

If you are feeling down on yourself or angry during the holidays, I suggest you financially bless others this Christmas season.  Speaking from personal experience, your generosity will unlock and unleash something in your life that will change you for the better.

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