December was a month with many pleasant surprises.  I expected a down month because of the holidays but it turned out being the 2nd highest month of traffic since the launch of this site.  Because of the holiday season, many of the posts centered on Christmas and church-related issues.   The following are the Top 10 for December as determined by you the audience.

  1. 10 Reasons I Say “Merry Christmas!” And Why You Should As Well
  2. 10 Things That Make Cam Newton A Special Leader
  3. The 11 Greatest Fears Of Men In Their 40s
  4. 20 Quotes From Gordon Gekko And Wall Street
  5. 28 Heisman Quotes From Cam Newton & Andrew Luck On Leadership
  6. Are You Lonely This Christmas?
  7. 17 Signs Of A Fast Growing Church
  8. 10 Leadership Practices Of The Future – Passion City Church
  9. 30 Quotes From 2 Unchurched People After Attending A Recent Church Service
  10. 12 Lessons We Learn From People Who Don’t Go To Church

Also, the following are three hidden gems that didn’t make the Top 10 but were some of my favorites.

  1. My Top 20 Favorite Leadership Posts Of 2010
  2. 10 Practices Of Fortune’s 2010 Top 10 Business People
  3. 10 Things Every Church Staff Needs To Know About Volunteers

Finally, I want to let you know about one of the favorite posts I read on another site.  Tony Morgan was doing his Top 10 list for the year and included an incredible post on building and maintaining a platform.  This will be of special interest to all leaders and bloggers.  To read this article click here. 

I want to thank you again and I can’t wait to continue to connect with you in January.  Happy New Year!

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