This morning on Atlanta’s 790 The Zone, Chris Domino and Nick Cellini interviewed Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow Tebow discussed a wide range of topics including Urban Meyer, the revenge game against the Georgia Bulldogs, the NFL Draft, and his work with children. The following are the leadership quotes from this sports icon.

  1. “You’ve made us more proud than if you would have won (another) Heisman.” – Tebow’s mother
  2. “When I meet somebody I want to leave a better impression than when I got there.”
  3. “There are several things that keep me grounded and focused…When you can humble yourself to say ”I’m no more important than anyone else.  I just have a gift.'”
  4. “I want to make a difference with my platform.”
  5. “When guys say ‘I’m not a role model’.  Well, yes you are.  You’re just a bad one.”
  6. “I probably won’t look at it too much because it’s too weird.” – Tebow on his statue at the University of Florida.
  7. Coach Meyer was like a father figure to me…I went their because of relationships, especially Coach Meyer.”
  8. “He worked harder than any coach to recruit me…I bought into him…That’s why I went to Florida.  I believed in the man Urban Meyer.”
  9. “Whenever you get challenged, you have to step up as a man and as a team…We needed more courage and character that day.” – When UGA danced in the Florida Gators end zone.
  10. “It’s OK to lose but we got hit in the mouth and didn’t answer.”
  11. “The lows are disappointing but that makes the highs much sweeter…That’s what drives you to compete.”
  12. “I don’t believe it’s the will to win.  It’s the will to prepare.  If you wake up early, stay late, grind, those 14 games will come easy to you.”
  13. “He (Meyer) only came back because he loved his players so much.”
  14. “It’s what I respect most about him.  It’s not about the coaching.  It’s about being a dad…It’s about his family.”
  15. “I’m going to listen to John Elway. He knows what he’s talking about.”
  16. “My passion is kids, more than just kids is underprivileged kids and orphans.”
  17. “Helping raise money for kids – there’s nothing better than that.”
  18. “I’m here.  I’m here to work.  I don’t care about my hair.” – on his rookie hazing.
  19. “I’m going to love wherever I go.  I’m going to prove those people wrong (who didn’t draft me)…I can’t wait to face you.”
  20. “At the end of the day, when the players and owners get together they’re going to say ‘We don’t want to ruin the best game in America, maybe the best game in the world.”
  21. “When a quarterback steps into a game plan what’s on your plate.  How many formations? How many reads? How many checks?  How many audibles?”
  22. “As a competitor and an athlete, you have to believe in yourself.  And you have to believe in the people who believe in you.”
  23. “It’s an emotional, violent game and you have to be ready.”

To get involved in helping meet the needs of under-resourced and orphaned children, please visit the Tim Tebow Foundation by clicking here.

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