I recently wrote a post entitled The Top 10 Leadership Mistakes.  Based upon your response, it echoed what many of you were thinking and feeling.  In an effort to provide a balanced perspective, I want to bring you what I feel are my Top 10 Benefits that come to those of you follow quality leadership.

  1. Leaders provide vision.  They give us direction and tell us where we are going.
  2. Leaders bring clarity.  We understand where they are going and are honored to join the journey.
  3. Leaders believe in us.  They give us confidence.
  4. Leaders stretch our thinking.  They make us smarter.
  5. Leaders improve our skills.  They make us better.
  6. Leaders support us.  They provide what we need to be successful.
  7. Leaders make hard decisions.  They pay the price so we don’t have to.
  8. Leaders take the bullets.  They protect us.
  9. Leaders expand our worldview.  They create experiences that help us see things in a new and different light.
  10. Leaders make us feel better about ourselves.  They raise our self-image.

The world is a better place because of quality leadership.  To all the leaders who have done those ten 10 things in my life, I say “Thank You!!!”  What would you add to the list?

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