states 13% of the population suffer from an anxiety disorder at any given time.  People have a difficult time sleeping at night.  They toss and turn worrying about their jobs, homes, marriages, economy, aging parents, the future, their eternities, etc…  We live in a frightened world.

When I walk down the street or through an airport, I would estimate over 90% of the people I see look despondent and have their shoulders slumped.  People have a lifelessness in their eyes rather than a sparkle.  We live in a hopeless world.

Marriages feel like prison sentences rather than having deep intimacy.  People are more comfortable in dysfunctional environments.  They often self-eject or blow-up relationships or situations that are healthy.  We live in a broken world.

People come from work and have the garage door close behind them so not to be seen for the remainder of the day.  We think a relationship is posting a Facebook update or Twitter feed.  The greatest sound for many people is the ping of receiving a text.  We don’t talk or listen to people anymore.  We live in an isolated world.

These are the people we are called to lead.  Perhaps you’re one of these people.

We don’t need more information.  We are bombarded and overwhelmed with data and stimuli.  Rather than information,the best thing we as leaders can give our families, churches, teams, and friends is inspiration.

Inspiration does the following:

  1. Gives people hope.
  2. Points towards a brighter tomorrow.
  3. Reminds people that all storms pass.
  4. Makes people smile.
  5. Opens the door to solutions.
  6. Builds relationships.
  7. Puts failure in its proper context.
  8. Celebrates even the smallest of victories.
  9. Creates platforms for future success.
  10. Reminds people they are significant and what they do matters.
  11. Strengthens community.

Are you an inspirational leader?  Here’s a few questions that will help answer that question:

  1. Does the room “lighten up” when you enter it?
  2. Are your people afraid of failure?
  3. Is creativity celebrated?
  4. Do people welcome and look forward to your coaching or simply survive it?
  5. Does your team look forward to company meetings?
  6. Are you a load-lifter?

Please know your team desperately wants you to inspire them!  Many receive it nowhere else in their lives.  Inspire your team and you will receive more loyalty and a higher level of performance than you ever dreamed possible.  And an interesting bi-product is that you will actually enjoy leading more yourself.

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