MTV just celebrated its 30th anniversary.  Regardless of your thoughts about their content, no one can question the influence they have on today’s young people.  In 2002, Cable Television Advertising Bureau said, “MTV’s median age is exactly when a majority of young American adults begin to form life-long brand loyalties. Young adults 15-17 are excited consumers and extremely impressionable. Now is the time to influence their choices.

Coltrane Curtis is a managing partner Team Epiphany and former MTV VJ.  His organization targets young people and his clients include Nike, Pepsi, Gillette, and Range Rover.  He says in a recent interview that “marketers need to figure out the strength and direction of influencers and convert that into big brand results.  How do you engage influencers? You have to talk about the flow of information.” 

Curtis adds that influencers “are people who are bursting with the seams of information.”

He concludes that, “we need them to validate the interest of influencers.  They aren’t given to pie in the sky stuff; they are given to actionable stuff.”   To read the full article, click here.

As head of Catalyst, Brad Lomenick understands Christian young people as well as anyone.  He is also talking about the flow of information.  In each edition of the Catalyst monthly newsletter, he has a group he calls the “Young Influencer List”. 

Below are the people Brad listed in the January through June 2011 issues.  They too are talking about the current flow of Christian information.  These are the people speaking the current tribal language that is influencing the next generation of Christian leaders. 

Leaders, simple question – what flow of information are you talking about?

To get additional information from Brad and the Catalyst movement, read 22 Leadership Quotes From Brad Lomenick’s Interview With Worship Leader Chris Tomlin.

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