Today was the first day of the Take Out Conference put on by INJOY Stewardship Solutions and NorthStar Church.  It was an incredible time of resourcing church leaders on how best to serve their communities.

This church is the best church I’ve ever seen at serving their community.  To see a calendar of events and the impact they are making in a North Atlanta community, click here.

Here are the best quotes from Mike Linch, NorthStar’s incredible Senior Pastor unless otherwise noted:

  • “To do community ministry, it takes time.”
  • “Isn’t it crazy how often we find Jesus with people who don’t understand things?”
  • “Following Jesus is a heart condition rather than a physical location.”
  • “It really is about how we treat others.”
  • Community ministry is not about showing up with 50 programs…Feeling their pain, feeling their hurt and knowing what it’s like to walk in their shoes.”
  • Today is about re-engaging our heart to have the heart of Jesus.”
  • They don’t come to our world.  We have to go to their world.” – Marlon Longacre, NorthStar’s Community Pastor
  • “Our goal was to be the first call of help in this community.  Are you the first call of help?” – Longacre
  • Ministry is a marathon.  Not a windsprint.” – Ike Reighard
  • “Jesus is all about taking the gospel to the social (sector).”
  • It’s about trusting that Jesus has truly forgiven me.”
  • “We are living in a world that’s dying to know if we care.”
  • God has put us in our communities to be a beacon of light.”

Incredible insights!!  I can’t wait until tomorrow.

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