All leaders love quotes.  Quotes inspire and challenge us while providing language that serves our teams better.  The following are some of the best insights from the past couple of months:

Sporting News – September 26th

  • Composure – “I think the biggest thing is his (Aaron Rodgers) composure.” – Donald Driver
  • Execution – “His (Clay Matthews) ability to diagnose a play and then execute it to perfection are two reasons he is a game-changing playmaker.”

Sports Illustrated – October 10th

  • Negotiating – “That is the way it should always be when you make a deal in baseball.  Everybody wins.  But that’s not the way it usually happens.” – Jim Leyland

Sports Illustrated – October 24th

  • Exposure versus Experience – “This is a tough game; it’s not as easy as it looks from the sideline.” – Mike Vick
  • Compensation – “How many times have you heard an executive or writer say you may not need a high payroll to win once, but you do to sustain it?  I do agree payroll extends the run at the top of the cycle.” – Jon Daniels
  • Talent – “It’s not some master plan or formula (for acquiring players).  It’s good baseball people making recommendations. The only thing we might do differently is trying to be more open-minded.  Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.” – Daniels

Sports Illustated – October 31st

  • Attention – “David (Beckham) is going to get us attention as a league, a sport and a team, and
  • Opportunity – “You are on the verge of greatness, but you’ve got to kick the door down.” – Swinney
  • Good Fortune – “Your goal is to have your guys be the best team you can be.  Then hopefully you have some good luck.” – Norv Turner
  • Coaching – “Certain coaches have an ability to get the best out of their players and I think Rex (Ryan) does that better than anybody.” – LaDanian Tomlinson
  • Environment – “I’m really proud of what we’ve done over the years to make this a place where players like to come to our organization.” – Tony LaRussa

Sports Illustrated – November 14th

  • Youth – “It was problematic to overload a youngster based on reputation.” – Roy Williams referring to Harrison Barnes
  • Attitude – “You have to be relentlessly positive.” – Jim Irsay
  • Poor Performance – “We will never accept this kind of chronic losing…it’s an unwelcome visitor that we will not tolerate.” – Irsay
  • The Right People – “If (the Colts) get this first pick, you have to take Andrew Luck.  You never pass on a great player.” – Tony Dungy

USA Today – November 16th

  • Focus – “When I’m shooting, I don’t care who the star is.  My hope is that after 20 minutes, perhaps the audience forgets is is George Clooney or Jack Nicholson and just sees the character.” – Alexander Payne, director of Descendants opening this weekend.
  • Evaluating Reality – “He’s (Tiger Woods) the best player forever.” – Fred Couples

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