What a great way to close out the year!!  December was the most read month of the history of this site!!  I can’t say “Thank You” enough.

The following were the Top 10 most read posts from December as determined by you the readers:

  1. 6 Things Church Leaders Should Do Even Though They Are Told Not To
  2. 12 Books Every Christian Leader Should Read In 2012
  3. Leadership Quotes From Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III
  4. Why Men AND Women Are So Fascinated By Tim Tebow
  5. 14 Leadership Lessons Young Leaders Can Learn From Tim Tebow
  6. Leading Talented People Who Produce But Are An Absolute Pain In The Rear
  7. 9 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal
  8. 13 Leadership Quotes From Larry King: Dinner With Kings – Conan O’Brien, Jack Dorsey, and Shaquille O’Neal
  9. An Early Christmas Gift To Leaders – 18 Strategic Leadership Quotes
  10. The Top Challenge Facing Christian Leaders Over The Age Of 40

The following are also three personal favorites that did not make the Top 10.  I hope you enjoy them the 2nd time around.

I also want to thank Brian Orme and the team at www.ChurchLeaders.com for publishing my posts this year.  This week they published their Top 11 Posts Of 2011 which included my post 10 Ways To Know Someone Is Leaving Your Church.  You can read their full list by clicking here.

Once again, I want to thank each of you again for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit this site.  I can’t wait for 2012!



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