Recently I wrote a post entitled The Top 20 Blogs Christians Need To Be Reading In 2012.  Because of the incredible response it received, I am writing the follow-up, The Top 10 Christian Leaders You Should Be Following On Twitter.

The challenge of this post is I could have literally composed a list of 100+ individuals.  Therefore, I narrowed my criteria down to a list of 10 traits I looked for:
  1. If mentioned in The Top 20 Blogs, you were excluded.  My desire is for the readers to have a larger set of resources at their disposal.  So if you are wondering about Perry Noble or Steve Furtick for instance, simply click on the blog list.
  2. If you only provide the Quote of the Day you were omitted. Quotes are helpful but can be obtained from multiple sources.
  3. Do you point me to other great writers or thinkers?
  4. Do you challenge me?
  5. Do you give me a different perspective on a topic?
  6. Do you provide a destination where I can get tools and resources?
  7. Do you break news?
  8. Are you relevant?
  9. Do you provide solutions?
  10. Do you answer questions I am currently asking as a leader?

With that as my criteria, the following are The Top 25 Christian Leaders You Should Be Following On Twitter In 2012 listed in alphabetical order:

  1. @DanCathy – President and COO of Chick-Fil-A and a great teacher of leadership.
  2. @RobCizek – This Executive Pastor from the Seattle area is the best networker and facilitator of information that I have read.
  3. @KenColeman – Host of the Ken Coleman Show, Ken interviews many of the world’s greatest leaders and has a keen understanding of NextGen leaders.
  4. @dbonleadership – Combining insights from multiple sources, Dan Black is one of my favorite leadership bloggers.
  5. @PastorMark – Mark Driscoll is the Lead Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  One of the great Christian leaders in the world.
  6. @FVmomentum – I’m excited about Faith Village which I think will be one of the quality aggregators of Christian content in the next year.
  7. @LouieGiglio and @ShelleyGiglio – Leaders of the Passion movement which is the most effective and anointed move of God in this country since Promise Keepers in the mid-90s.  For additional sites connected to Louie and Shelley also follow @ChrisTomlin, @passion268, and @PassionCity.
  8. @ThisIsSethsBlog – Seth Godin is widely read and the most insightful teacher of where leadership is headed that I know.
  9. @DerwinlGray – Lead Pastor of Transformation Church is doing things in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environments that are revolutionary.
  10. @BethanyHamilton – The Soul Surfer herself is one of the most inspirational and influential young leaders you can follow.  I am especially grateful for Bethany because of how her life has impacted my daughter.
  11. @MichaelHyatt – The Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers is a uber-blogger and helps people live and lead on purpose.
  12. @CrawfordLoritts – No one packs as much content and insight into 140 characters as my Senior Pastor from Fellowship Bible Church.
  13. @JohnMaxwellCo – There is no great Christian leader in the world who hasn’t been impacted by John’s teachings.  An absolute gift from God to us all.
  14. @ThomasMcDaniels – Senior Pastor of LifeBridge Christian Center in Longview, Texas is arguably the kindest Christian I’ve met on the internet.
  15. @BryanMiles – Along with wife Shannon, Bryan founded Miles Advisory Group which is a leader in church outsourcing.
  16. @LindseyNobles – One of the most influential NextGen female Christian leaders, Lindsey is Director of Community for Project7 which makes products that fund areas of need across the globe.
  17. @ThomRainer – Thom is President and CEO of Lifeway and one of the most accomplished Christian thinkers in the world.
  18. @IkeReighard – A wonderful pastor but also a great provider of learnings from the business community.
  19. @Relevant – The team at Relevant Magazine give me the tools needed to stay on the cutting edge of ministry.
  20. @RickSantorum – Republican candidate for president.  Should at least be the VP because he will deliver Pennsylvania.
  21. @AndyStanley – Simply put, Andy is the world’s greatest teacher of leadership.  I always learn something new from him.
  22. @TimTebow – The inspirational Denver Bronco QB is the most influential Christian in America under 25 years of age.
  23. @BishopWSThomas –  The incredible Bishop of New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore and the Presiding Prelate of the Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors.
  24. @RickWarren – The man who loves pastors and people!  I am amazed at how Rick can tweet the toughest and potentially most unpopular of messages.  Yet, it is delivered with such love and kindness that he receives the favor of people.
  25. @BubbaWatson – PGA golfer and one of the people you need to be rooting for this year.

Leaders, that is my list.  If you are not taking advantage of these individuals, please follow them today!  Also, I know this list is woefully lacking some top people.  Who are some Christian leaders that you think others should be following?

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