“Funding Is A Front For Friendship.” – Casey Graham

Casey Graham, Founder and CEO of Giving Rocket, is an incredible leader!  I just spent the last two days with him as our organization, Injoy Stewardship Solutions, sponsored the Giving Rocket Tour.  This nationwide series of events will help church leaders across the country experience victory in the areas of personal finance, weekly giving, and capital campaigns. 

Casey does not have customers and clients.  He has a very loyal following.  Casey has a tribe.  After watching him interact with these leaders, the following are the lessons on tribal leadership that I learned from him.  These lessons are making me a better leader.  Apply them and you will see the loyalty of those you serve increase as well.

For more on Casey and the Giving Rocket Tour, click here and here.

  • Casey serves the tribe.
  • Casey resources the tribe. 
  • Casey is accessible to the tribe.
  • Casey enables the tribe.
  • Casey was formerly part of the tribe as CFO of Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA.
  • Casey has a diversified tribe.  All church cultures, sizes, streams of faith, and geographic locations are represented.
  • Casey creates new rules for the tribe.
  • Casey changes tribal behavior as the culture changes.
  • Casey makes things easy and practical for the tribe.
  • Casey does great research to understand his tribe’s behavior.
  • Casey practices honesty with the tribe.  He teaches the tribe that there are no silver bullets or shortcuts to success.
  • Casey offers special products and pricing only for the tribe.
  • Casey builds a great team to help him serve the tribe better.
  • Casey has great energy which inspires the tribe.
  • Casey is accountable to the tribe offering full money-back-guarantees if they are not satisfied.
  • Casey does not expect the tribe to come to him.  He goes to where the tribe is.
  • Casey expands the thinking of the tribe.
  • Casey surprises the tribe with humor.
  • Casey helps prepare the tribe for what they will be facing the future.
  • Casey provides and changes systems and procedures for the tribe.
  • Casey appreciates the tribe.  He says, “Thank You”.
  • Casey leads the tribe digitally.
  • Casey identifies leaders within the tribe.
  • Casey leads the leaders within the tribe.
  • Casey addresses the issues the tribe is facing.
  • Casey brings solutions to the issues the tribe is facing.
  • Casey makes the tribe take action.
  • Casey connects with the tribe on Twitter.
  • Casey helps the tribe prioritize their time, energy, and resources.
  • Casey helps the tribe go farther, faster.
  • Casey wakes up dreaming about what keeps the tribe awake at night.
  • Casey plans to grow the tribe.
  • Casey prays for the tribe that they will experience breakthroughs in their ministry.

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