Today Shawn Lovejoy, Senior Pastor of Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA and founder of, gave an incredible dose of encouragement and realism to those attending the Velocity Conference.  I wanted to pass his thoughts along to you.

  1. “We’re entrepreneurs.  We’re activators…We love moving fast.  We all love speed.”
  2. “Why do we love speed, the church has tons to do.”
  3. “The fastest moving pastors lead the fastest growing churches (right?)”
  4. “My greatest assets and talents become my greatest liabilities.”
  5. “Telling a church planter to be patient is like telling John MacArthur to be seeker sensitive.”
  6. “Lack of patience brings pain into your life.”
  7. “Speed can kill us…Our inability to slow down, to shut down, can kill us.”
  8. “We all struggle with taking a day off.”
  9. “The reason many are depressed is the vision isn’t being fulfilled as fast as we would like.”
  10. “If I finish without my family, I don’t finish.”
  11. “If we try building this church faster than Jesus has called us to build it, it will cost us.”
  12. “What matters more to God than fruitfulness, is faithfulness.”
  13. “Fast Growing Church lists encourage the 100 and discourage the 100,000.”
  14. “Most pastors quit right before the harvest.”
  15. “God is all about fulfilling His vision.”

Great words Shawn.  Thanks for being a friend and mentor to so many leaders.

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