How do you attract and retain leaders to your church or organization?  Smart pastors and church leaders want to create a leadership culture where people are growing and developing.  They want talented people around them.  They want the gift of leadership to be cultivated, then released and multiplied throughout the congregation.

One of the toughest challenges for pastors and church leaders is leading other leaders.  The harsh reality is that leaders will only continually follow leaders who are equal to or stronger than they are as leaders.

Today, Peyton Manning was announced as the newest member of the Denver Broncos.  After reading many opinions, the following appears to be how the Broncos retained his services.  In a few words – team executive and legendary Super Bowl winning quarterback John Elway.

Don Banks of wrote one of the best pieces I have read on Manning’s decision-making process.  You can read the full article by clicking here.  His findings provide great insights as to what the most talented people look for when joining an organization.

  • Success – Manning greatest desire is to win.  He felt the Broncos gave him the best opportunity to do that.  Leaders want to be part of something successful.  They want to make a difference.  Being part of a church or organization that is advancing is important to leaders.  Leaders will not be reduced to a level of mediocrity.
  • Modeling – Elway has been where Manning wants to go.  Elway won two Super Bowls when he was over the age of 35.  Leaders respect other accomplished leaders.
  • Quality Leadership – In addition to Elway, the Broncos have a flexible, well-respected veteran head coach in John Fox.  Leaders want to achieve within a relational context with other great leaders.
  • Quality Teammates – Leaders know you can accomplish more with others than you can just yourself.  The Broncos have a strong running game, excellent offensive line, and a group of talented young receivers.  Leaders need to know their efforts will be resourced and have a quality team around them.
  • Margin – Leaders want to do their part but also do not want to feel everything depends solely on them.  The Broncos have a talented defense that last year won many games by themselves.  The team also has the financial margin to deliver talent such as Jeff Saturday.
  • Chemistry – Elway and Manning have a long history of respect and friendship.  Manning also knows that if Elway has the executive skill to deliver him, then he can also deliver other quality teammates.

“People want to know the reason (for selecting Denver).  There really isn’t one. I could  have pictured myself on any of those other teams. But what it came down to is,  this just fit. It felt right.” said Manning.

Peyton is always humble so I must go deeper and ask what made it feel right?  Pastors and church leaders, I must ask you why will it feel right to the leaders you are attracting?

I think for Peyton it was because John Elway has built a culture of success, has modeled winning at an advanced age, has assembled a great executive leadership team, top young talent, margin, and chemisty.  Does your church look like this?

If you practice these same six principles, I know you will attract great leaders as well.

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