I was blown away by some of the blog posts on leadership I’ve read this week.  The following were 10 of the best in alphabetical order by author.  I read many more but I just want to expose you to as many different writers and resources week-to-week as I can.  Enjoy!

  1. Hire Slow, Fire Slow by Jenni Catron.  I love how balanced her thinking is approaching this sensitive subject.
  2. Why Grace Hills Church Is In Jeopardy by Brandon A. Cox.  There is not another church planter I am rooting for more than Brandon!
  3. You Need Felons And Millennials On Your Staff…Now! by Artie Davis.  Wow, Artie thanks for challenging our traditional thinking!
  4. When the boys were at home… by Ron Edmondson.  As a parent, I loved Ron’s words.
  5. “Why Do You Do What You Do?” is an amazing post explaining multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational ministry by Derwin L. Gray.  OK, I’m just going to admit it.  I am without-a-doubt a RAVING fan of Pastor Gray who leads Transformation Church!  He is absolutely one of my favorite Christian leaders in the world.  As a bonus, click here to see their incredible Easter 2012 recap video.
  6. “Be A Laser, Not A Lighthouse” & Other Creative Essentials by Todd Henry of www.AccidentalCreative.com.  For leaders who are proactive and have lots of initiative, get ready to forward this post to your entire team.
  7. 3 Leadership Lessons I Learned Through Tragedy is a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s great blog.  Just read it.
  8. What Businesses Can Learn From Romney’s 5-Step Battle Plan by Kaihan Krippendorff at www.FastCompany.com.  Pastors and church leaders will learn a lot from this article as well.
  9. Video: Amazing Jesus Painting by Paul Steinbrueck.  Trust me – THIS IS THE BEST 2 MINUTES YOU WILL SPEND ALL WEEK!!!
  10. Veterans Have One Focus In The (NFL) Draft by Ross Tucker on www.ESPN.com.  Are you a leader who puts the team’s success ahead of your own?  Before you are so quick to answer, read this post and let me know your thoughts.

Tell us what other great leadership articles you read this week.

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