Recently, ESPN’s Hannah Storm interviewed several NBA stars including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. For your pleasure, I have included two great videos that showcase their transcendent talents.  The following are their quotes and insights that all leaders can learn from and apply to their areas of discipline.

Kobe Bryant

  1. “It felt like putting on golden armor.” – Bryant on the first time he put on a Lakers uniform.
  2. “I don’t care if you score 0 or score 60.  I love you anyway.” – Joe Bryant.  Kobe’s father.
  3. “I just ignore them (injuries).”
  4. “At some level it (pain) becomes acceptable.  As some levels you enjoy it….It slows the game down.  It forces you to keep things simple.”
  5. “I genuinely love it (the game).”
  6. “Phil’s (Jackson) magic was getting us (Kobe and Shaq) to move in the same direction.”

Kevin Durant

  1. “It’s not first (scoring)…It’s being a great leader.  It’s coming in and working hard every single day.  Your teammates see that.  That gives them the fuel to work even harder as well.  When everyone on the team works hard you will be a success.” – Durant on his list of priorities.
  2. “People will say anything behind a computer…It’s made me tougher.” – Durant on his Twitter account.
  3. “Every memory I have growing up was on a basketball court.”
  4. “I like being around my family.”
  5. “She (mom) was there from the beginning…When I was young she was the only person I heard in the stands.”
  6. “The only person that believed in me from Day One was my mom.”
  7. “I liked the direction we were going in.” – On why he stayed with the Thunder.
  8. “Everything is not always going to go right…Russell (Westbrook) applies the criticism he is given.”

More On Durant From The May 21st USA Today

  1. “A guy can be talented and have all these tools, but sometimes it can go out the window when it comes to making a big shot.  That stuff doesn’t go out the window when it comes to Kevin Durant.  He wants the ball.” – Lakers head coach Mike Brown
  2. “Coming in this year, I wanted to try to help my team and become a better leader.  Kevin has done a great job of helping me out and staying positive regardless of what’s going on throughout the game, giving me confidence.” – Westbrook
  3. “You would think he would be thinking more shots.  Instead, he’s talking about improving his defensive game and also the distribution of the ball.  That’s what you have to love about him.” – Hubie Brown
  4. “He’s not a demonstrative as Kobe, but he wants to make sure you know he’s the best player on the floor.” – Derek Fisher

I love Durant’s approach to life and basketball.  As the Western Conference finals are about the begin, I am rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  What about you?

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