As has become a weekly tradition, the following are the best posts I read on the internet this week.  I trust they will equip, challenge, and inspire you as they did me.

  1. Durant’s Late Surge Demands Attention by J.A. Adande discusses the maturation process of a leader.  Great insights.
  2. 6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them by Robin Benincasa.  Referred by
  3. Women Who Idolize the Wrong Men by Nicole Cottrell of
  4. The Teen Porn Epidemic…And What To Do About It by Matthew Fradd at  Referred by Derwin Gray who has as good an understanding of today’s young people as anyone you will read.
  5. The Bell Curve Is A Myth — Most People Are Actually Underperformers by Business Insider Michael Kelley.  Referred by Rob Cizek.
  6. Winslow Trade Reveals Much About Schiano’s Control and For A Team That Finally Won A Playoff Game, The Texans Make A Lot Of Changes This Offseason both by Peter King.  Great posts on leadership style and how to manage personnel.
  7. 5 Ways To Transform Useless Ideas Into Innovation by Michael Myatt.
  8. 10 Elements of Great Company Culture by’s Paul Spiegelman.
  9. To Bring Out The Best In Millennials, Put On Your Coaching Hat by Fast Company’s Tony Wagner.
  10. 15 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader by Scott Williams at

That is an incredible list.  What other great writers and posts did you come across this week?

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