The Amazing Spider-Man is just that – Amazing!  Directed by Marc Webb, this re-boot of the classic franchise is just what the series needed.  After watching the dreadful Spider-Man 3, this film is an example to all leaders of floundering organizations how to regain lost momentum.

The following are the leadership principles and quotes from the movie opening today:

  1. Upgrade Your Team. – The first step in regaining lost momentum is to upgrade your people.  They are the only appreciable asset you have.  Andrew Garfield is sensational as Peter Parker.  As I watched the movie, I kept thinking about what an improvement he was over Tobey Maguire.  Both Tobey and the series had gotten stale.  It makes me wonder how many churches and organizations can go to a higher level simply by replacing stale leadership.
  2. “It was stupid.  But it was great.” – These words were spoken by the young, naive Parker.  Smart leaders embrace naivety and its potential because great things are often birthed there.
  3. Inconveniences Are Often Pathways To Opportunity. – Parker found his deceased father’s briefcase in his family’s basement while working on a broken A/C unit.  What began as an inconvenience became a catalyst for personal growth.  Leaders, what opportunities disguised as inconveniences are you currently dealing with?
  4. “Power must be controlled.” – Leaders often forfeit influence because of greed and hubris.  Once leaders reach a certain level of success, they must develop increased self-awareness to have sustainable leadership.  Platforms take a lifetime to build but can be lost at a moment in time.
  5. “Not choices.  But responsibility.” -  Aunt May, played be the wonderful Sally Field, spoke this leadership lesson into the life of Peter.  What Aunt May knows is as leaders become more and more successful, they have increased responsibility but far less options.
  6. “Be a man!  Go in there and apologize to your Aunt!” – Great leaders are humble servants.  They can say, “I was wrong.  I am sorry.”  Beware of any leader who never apologizes.
  7. “Secrets have a cost.  They’re not for free.” – Leaders carry a heavier weight than those they serve.  They often know confidential information that affects the lives of others.  Secrets are one of the hidden cost of leadership.
  8. Leaders Are Often Lonely – Parker struggled through much of the movie.  No one knew what he was experiencing.  He was misunderstood.  His good intentions were misinterpreted.  And he could not confide in anyone.  Leaders understand this.
  9. “People die.  Even Norman Osborne.” – Steve Jobs passed away earlier this year.  We all will.  Leaders should always remember that they will one day be replaced.  We are merely renters of our positions, not the owners.
  10. “It’s not about curing ills.  It is about finding perfection.” – While Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans, though misguided, had great vision.  Great leaders refuse to be reduced to a level of mediocrity.  They deeply desire significance and accomplishment.
  11. “Every day my father put a badge on his chest and a gun on his hip.  I never knew if he was coming home.” -  Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, echoed the words of all family members of police officers everywhere.  I was struck by the burden carried by the families of our civil servants.  This film reminds us how grateful we should be for our local police.  In my job, unless something very unforeseen happens, I will be coming home tonight.  The families of police officers cannot say that.  I want to join thousands and simply say, “Thank You for serving and protecting us!”
  12. Leadership Has A Price And Often Affects Those You Love The Most. - I am deeply grateful for the families of pastors as well.  Whether it is time, privacy, resources, or some other area of your life, you have given up much.  Thank you for sharing your family with us.  It is not taken for granted.
  13. Serving Others Always Has Benefits. – During the climatic battle scene, Spider-Man needed the help of a series of crane operators to achieve success.  The crane foreman was the father of a boy Spider-Man rescued earlier in the movie.  Leaders understand the return on investment of serving others.
  14. “You owe the world your gifts.  You just need to know how to use them.” – Here is more wisdom coming from Aunt May and is the rallying cry for all in leadership.  You are gifted and what you have to offer is desperately needed.  Don’t hide it!  But with great giftedness comes great responsibility.  Use your gifts well.

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