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Tonight, the 2012 Heisman Trophy was awarded to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.  As Texas A&M’s second player to win the prestigious honor and the first freshman to ever win the award, “Johnny Football” electrified the nation with statistics better than Cam Newton’s award-winning season.  

The following are his leadership quotes as well as from others in tonight’s telecast of the awards ceremony:

Prior To The Announcement

  • “I want to leave it all on the field and wear my heart on my sleeve.” – Manziel
  • “I want to honor the Lord with what He had given me.” – Collin Klein
  • “You got to take everything in stride.” – Klein on not kissing his wife until their wedding day.
  • “Football provides me a platform to be an example to people.” – Manti Te’o
  • “People are going to have more tackles than me, more interceptions than, but I want my teammates to remember how I made them feel.” – Te’o
  • “College football is pure.” – Te’o

Acceptance Speech

  • “You taught us about passion and about heart.” – Manziel to his high school coaches.
  • “Most of all I want to thank God for allowing me to be here.”
  • “Leadership, respect, and putting others first is what the 12th man is all about.”
  • “After the game you have 24 hours to celebrate it and then you move on.”

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