Today I received my copy of Carey Nieuwhof’s new book Leading Change Without Losing It. I cannot recommend enough that every leader pick up a copy by clicking on the image today for only $4.99.   This book would make a great Christmas gift for any leader because regardless of your faith beliefs or occupation, all leaders have to manage change.

Carey is the Founding Pastor of Connexus Community Church, an amazing multi-site work of God near Toronto.   I’m going to make a bold statement right now but one I believe to be absolutely true. I think that Carey is currently the best writer on Christian leadership in the blogosphere. If you don’t believe me, click here and discover why I say that.

Recently, Joseph Sangl of Injoy Stewardship Solutions had some great thoughts on Carey’s book as well as a podcast interview with him.  I wanted to make this incredible resource available to you.  If you want to hear how a great leader thinks, take about 15 minutes and listen to Carey’s thoughts.


As a leader, you have most certainly experienced feelings of “losing it.” Leaders try to bring about change. And change almost always elicits opposition.

We all remember the first big change we attempted to implement. Maybe the picture you had of how the change was going to unfold looked like this:

1. You announce the change
2. People immediately see the wisdom of it, stand up and applaud wildly
3. You implement the change
4. Everyone lives happily ever after

Of course, nothing great ever happens so easily. When we passionately pursue the vision God has given us, it can be demoralizing to encounter obstacles. The good news is that you can successfully lead without losing it!

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a new book written by pastor, author, speaker, and my good friend, Carey Nieuwhof. His book, Leading Change Without Losing It, releases this week.

In this great book, Carey shares 5 strategies that can revolutionize how you lead change when facing opposition.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Carey for a few minutes and talk about the book and go “behind-the-scene” with this fantastic new resource. You can download our conversation HERE.


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