Do you trust what God says?  Tonight was the 2nd night of Passion 2013 and Francis Chan just delivered an incredible message.  Wow.  One of the Top 10 messages I’ve ever heard.  His comments about suicide were unbelievably powerful, humbling, and God-ordained.  Absolutely unbelievable.  Also, his passion for making disciples is absolutely inspiring.  The following are the comments that all leaders, regardless of your faith, need to know and apply:

  • “I’m going let them nail me to a cross for everything he did wrong…I’ll suffer what I’ll need to but I’ll save him.” – Francis thinking about what Jesus did for him.
  • “God, I don’t want to look relaxed at the next Passion…I want to fight.  I want to know I’m battling and doing something with my life.”
  • “If you really want to experience Him, then go and make disciples.”
  • “One of the biggest struggles of my life is walking up to a stranger and telling him about Christ.”
  • “For those who say ‘I don’t experience Jesus.’  I say “Are you making disciples?'”
  • “Yes!!!  I finally freak people out!”
  • “God’s promises, the things He writes in this book (Bible), can be trusted…Every year I am more and more sure of the words in this book.”
  • “Every year in my life I trust fewer people…I don’t really trust people.”
  • “There are a ton of people in this room – people who were supposed to protect you, abused you.”
  • “If I die with God I will also live with Him…It’s not that big a deal.”
  • “My wife Lisa has been faithful to me for 19 years.”
  • “If you’re faithless I’m still faithful.  That’s just who I am.” – God
  • “If we can’t put up with things on the earth, we are going to reign with Him.”
  • “Life is difficult but you got to endure it.”
  • “I’m not making a definitive statement but I am giving a warning right now…When I read passages about perseverance, if there is a pattern in your life when you get no real joy from the cross, and there is this ongoing pattern of selfishness where you would think about hurting others by killing yourself, it would be wise to consider you are not secure in Christ.”
  • “My fear is that you thinking you are escaping pain (by suicide), that was not pain and you are in a deeper pain for all of eternity.”
  • “God is going to fight it (the pain of life) for you.”
  • “While you trust His promises of blessings but you don’t trust His threats of punishment.”
  • “Some of us have a hard time believing in God’s faithfulness because of how we have behaved…Do you think you did something that changed His character.”
  • “Even though you were faithless, I am faithful.  I want you back.  I’ll buy you back right now.” – God
  • “You don’t want to get your hopes.  God doesn’t want us living that way.”
  • “Christ really is going to return.  Get excited.”

If you watched this session online or in person, what were your thoughts of his comments?

You can watch the Passion 2013 live or check the replays of previous sessions by clicking here.

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