Tim Tebow was scheduled to appear at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX, pastored by Dr. Robert Jeffress, on April 28 to celebrate the completion of the church’s capital campaign.  However, Tebow cancelled that appearance.

ChurchLeaders.com reports that “according to CNN, Tebow called Jeffress and told him he was ‘steering clear of controversy because of some things going on in his personal life and his career.’

Jeffress said that Tebow is a member of the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. ‘They certainly believe what we do, that salvation is through Christ alone, and about homosexuality.  Tim confirmed that to me last night, that they believe exactly what we do about homosexuality,’ even though Tebow and Jeffress differ dramatically in how they present their faith.”  To read the full report from ChurchLeaders.com, click here.

In response to the ensuing controversy, Pastor Jeffress made several media appearances and then addressed the congregation at First Baptist Church Dallas.  That 10-minute message is shown above.

As you watch the video, you will notice 23 fact about courageous pastors from Dr. Jeffress as he provides a wonderful example of what courageous Christian leadership looks like.  

  1. Courageous Pastors Are Honored – Pastor Jeffress received a 40-second standing ovation when he took the stage.
  2. Courageous Pastors See The Hand Of God
  3. Courageous Pastors Have Assurance  Because God Is Still On His Throne
  4. Courageous Pastors Are Newsworthy
  5. Courageous Pastors Pastor Courageous Congregations
  6. Courageous Pastors Preach and Teach What Is In The Mainstream Of Conservative Christian Thought
  7. Courageous Pastors Preach and Teach What Conservative Christians Have Taught For 2,000 Years
  8. Courageous Pastors Have Critics
  9. Courageous Pastors Don’t Love Controversy But They Do Love To Share The Gospel Of Jesus Christ With As Many People As Possible
  10. Courageous Pastors Receive Countless Opportunities To Explain The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
  11. Courageous Pastors Are Thankful
  12. Courageous Pastors Receive Much Financial Support
  13. Courageous Pastors Cross Multi-Ethnic and Regional Boundaries
  14. Courageous Pastors Receive Encouragement From Other Pastors And Christian Leaders
  15. Courageous Pastors Don’t Look For A Fight But Also Don’t Run Away From Them
  16. Courageous Pastors Take A Stand
  17. Courageous Pastors Talk About The Love Of God AND The Judgement Of God
  18. Courageous Pastors Do Not Preach A Message Of Hate.  They Preach A Message Of Hope
  19. Courageous Pastors Are Transparent And Authentic
  20. Courageous Pastors Experience Revival And Recommitment
  21. Courageous Pastors Do Not Kneel Before The Altar Of Convenience And Political Correctness
  22. Courageous Pastors Are Uncompromising
  23. Courageous Pastors Have Churches That Stand Beside Them

Dr. Jeffress is a great man and pastor.  He is a gift to the Body of Christ.  Pastors and Christian leaders, after reading the list above and hearing Dr. Jeffress’s words, would you classify yourself as a courageous Christian?

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