It is truly a joy to watch leadership done with excellence.  If you are a fan of great leaders doing things the right way and making a huge impact in the lives of people, the following 10 posts are for you.

These are the Top 10 leadership posts I read the week of March 18th.  They provide a picture of what great leadership looks like!

  1. It’s Time to Move! by Jenni Catron.  Every executive pastor or leader who is responsible for moving large numbers of people from one location to another should read this post.  This is how it is done.
  2. 4 Incredible Facts Leaders Should Know About the Church in China by Scott Cochrane.  You will be shocked by Scott’s findings.
  3. Your Love Never Fails. Never Gives Up.  Never Runs Out On Me. by Derwin Gray.  The best 4 minute video on watching people find meaning and purpose with their lives that you will ever watch!
  4. 6 Lessons Hollywood Is Learning From Silicon Valley by Nicole LaPorte at
  5. The Seven Deadly Sins of Volunteer Ministry by Michael Lukaszewski
  6. Watch + Listen: The New Leadership Unstuck Podcast by Tony Morgan.  Tony conducts just a brilliant interview with Jud Wilhite.
  7. 5 LIittle Talked About Insights Behind North Point’s Success by Carey Nieuwhof – Great insights into Andy Stanley and the incredible North Point Community Church.
  8. 7 Habits Of The Ultra Wealthy by Lewis Schiff at
  9. A True Example Of Southwest Airlines Award-Winning Culture by Scott Williams – The best business video I’ve ever seen!
  10. More Pastors Jumping Off the Rock into the Raging Waters by Michael Youssef – Read Dr. Youssef’s take on Rob Bell.  Wow!  Just wow!

Well that is my Top 10.  What other great posts did you read this week?

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