Passion Good Friday Audience

Passion Good Friday Audience

On Friday, March 29th my family joined approximately 12,000 of our closest friends and attended the Passion Good Friday Service in Atlanta, GA.  Led by Louie and Shelley Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill and many more, Passion is a worldwide movement that brings glory to Jesus and is committed to ending global slavery through its End It Movement.  While primarily targeting students, older people like me are attracted to its music and message of hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.  A picture of our 12,000 friends is shown above.

While enjoying an unforgettable night of worship, I noticed 10 things all leaders can take from this incredible evening.

  1. People Will Line Up For Excellence – Being an experienced Passion attender, I knew we needed to arrive early to get a good seat.  Not know the parking gates did not open until 5:30 PM for the 7:30 PM concert, I arrived at 4:30 PM where I sat in my car alongside dozens of other cars, buses, and vans.  Once we were allowed into the parking area, thousands then waited for the gates to open at 6:30 PM…without complaining.
  2. The Power Of Tribal Community – Passion has long had a tribal following.  I was reminded of is how a tribe wants to build community within the tribe itself.  This was evidenced by the dozens of people I saw tailgating before the concert.  BTW, did you ever think you would hear these words in the same sentence – Tailgating before a Christian concert.
  3. The Pride Of Being Part Of A Great Move Of God – Passion City Church refers to their volunteers as Doorholders.  I saw dozens of Doorholders, all proudly wearing shirts identifying themselves, stationed throughout the venue welcoming the guests.
  4. The Relationship Between A Church’s Volunteers And Momentum – Everyone wants to be part of a winning team.  The recruitment of volunteers should be easy for churches with momentum.  If you are having a hard time getting volunteers, you should ask if people see your ministry as worth giving their sacrificial time and energy towards.  When you identify the right problem, the solution become obvious.
  5. Great Churches Are Multi-Generational – Living in Atlanta, I often hear from the uninitiated that Passion is just for young people.  The funniest quote I heard all evening was from someone referring to the worship experience who laughingly said, “You know you’re too old to be here when you don’t have the bladder control to jump!!!”
  6. The Importance Of Social Justice – Whether you are a church or business, today’s most successful organizations are those attach the higher purpose of social justice to their organization.  For more on Passion’s goal of ending global slavery, go to #enditmovement on Twitter or End It Movement and make your voice heard.
  7. High Ceilings For Dreams – Every church has either a high or low ceiling for the dreams of its staff and members.  As a parent of a teenage daughter, one of the greatest gifts Passion has given me as a father is the ability to look at her and say, “See that right there (Passion).  Through Jesus Christ you can do anything you want.  You can speak to or lead 60,000 people in worship.  You can start a movement like ending global slavery.  There is nothing you can’t do.  You can make a difference.  In fact, you can change the world.  And don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.”
  8. The Dodd Family

    The Dodd Family

    The Value Of Memories – The Passion Good Friday Service is now an annual tradition for my family (pictured together) which we can’t wait for.

  9. The Cross Shines Light On All People – During Louie’s message, he mentioned a point during the music when all the stage lights were turned off except for a giant cross.  He then explained the cross’s light illuminated the entire audience.  The beauty of the cross is that it shines the light Jesus’s love for all people.
  10. No One Is Beyond The Love And Hope Of Jesus Christ – Louie told a moving story of a stripper from one the darkest parts of Atlanta who recently gave her life to Christ and was baptized.  He stressed that there is nothing you’ve done, no decision you’ve made, no mistake you’ve committed, no relationship you’ve broken, that has caused God’s love to pass you by.  There is still time for you.  This Easter season, your life can still be redeemed through the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus on the cross.

One simple question as I end this post – As a leader of a church, business, sports team, non-profit, or family, do you want Jesus Christ to redeem your life this Easter season?  There is still time.

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