Everyone I know has a list of people who they would like to meet.  I am no different.  The following is a list of 10 people who I have never met that I would like to have a cup of coffee with and discuss the following topics.

BTW, my wife would join me for the meetings with the two women listed.  I’m just saying….

  1. Former President Bill Clinton – Regardless of your political views, no one is a more captivating communicator than President Clinton.  I want to talk with him about the craft and art of communication.
  2. Herbert Cooper – The Senior Pastor of People’s Church in Oklahoma City is one of America’s leading voices on the subject of multi-cultural, multi-generational ministry.
  3. Trent Dilfer – No one communicates the intricacies of the game of football like Dilfer.  His view of the game fascinates me.
  4. Thomas Dimitroff – In over 30 years of existence, the Atlanta Falcons never had consecutive winning seasons until Dimitroff became the general manager.  I want to speak with him about talent acquisition and building a sustainable organization.  Also, a little known fact about me is that my dream is to be in a NFL War Room on Draft Day.  That would be awesome!
  5. Bethany Hamilton – “I could never have embraced this many people with two arms” is one of my favorite quotes.
  6. Alison Levine – The only woman who has scaled every major mountain in the world.  I once heard her speak at the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast.  The applications of peak performance and church growth are many.
  7. Nathan Nockels – I would like to speak with Nathan about the creative process he goes through producing the Passion cds.  What does he listen for?  How does he know what is good?  How does know what will connect with audience?  What is his process?  Etc….
  8. Nick Saban – Many coaches have great recruiting classes but no one maximizes talent and helps others achieve their potential better than college football’s best coach.  I would like to learn about his process and people skills.
  9. Randall Wallace – I would like to talk with the director of Secretariat, We Were Soldiers, and writer of Braveheart about what is required in leading some of the most talented artists in the world.
  10. Denzel Washington – I want to speak with Denzel about managing the tension between being a major motion picture star who also happens to be a Christian.

Well, that is my list.  What I really want to know though is who you would like to coffee with and why?  I’d love to have a conversation about that.

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