The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials For Becoming A Change Maker

Brad Lomenick, President and Key Visionary of Catalyst, is one of today’s most influential Christian leaders.  That is why his new book,The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials For Becoming A Change Maker, is one of the most anticipated new releases in years.

Available April 16th, Brad was kind enough to let me preview an advanced copy.  This is a book every young Christian leader must have.  It will give you the confidence, courage, and skills to navigate the rapidly changing leadership landscape.

You can order your copy by clicking here or on the image above.  To give you just a sample of the leadership gold contained in this book, the following are 25 quotes to whet your appetite.

  1. Today’s young leaders grew up with a grasp of technology that is essential for organizational success.  As an educated and diverse generation, they think globally.
  2. Ambition must be grounded in wisdom.  Inspiration must be pursued with integrity.  Dreams must be built with boundaries.
  3. Leaders who make the biggest impact also have the strongest sense of calling.
  4. Kent Humphreys, author, CEO, and business advisor, once told me that your life’s calling is usually apparent at an early age, often emerging between ages five and nineteen.
  5. Today’s leaders no longer see vocation as a life sentence.
  6. Unchecked ambition can transform a person from a compelling leader into an ideologue.  Passion can become obsession.
  7. Visiting the White House washes one with a sense of power and significance that’s difficult to describe.
  8. Today’s leaders must develop the art of self-awareness.  We must grow comfortable with who we are before we can share that person with others.
  9. Authenticity is the new authority in leadership…We won’t reach our full potential by investing energy into creating false versions of ourselves.
  10. When you’re small, act big.  And when you’re big, act small.
  11. A catalyst leader understands that the foundation of life and the source of true influence must be a deep love for God and desire to glorify Him.
  12. Christians today like to debate whether following Jesus with great passion is a matter of doing or being.  But I think it is both.
  13. Sustained leadership requires practicing the discipline of replenishment.
  14. There are at least two components to leading capably: the right standard and the right staff.
  15. Every great organization has a few areas where their standards are so high it’s annoying.
  16. No one ever said leadership is easy.  Your job as a leader is to make the difficult decisions and carry more responsibility.  Embrace it.
  17. Leaders too often overvalue themselves and undervalue their team.
  18. Leaders are defined by their inner strengths and convictions, not the outer portrayal of who they are.  Your character will determine your level of leadership and even your legacy.
  19. Apologizing for your mistakes will turn resentment into respect.
  20. The making of a leader takes time, even though our social-media soaked world gives us a different impression.
  21. The depth of your character determines the reach of your influence.
  22. Every strong leader I’ve met shares at least one desire: to grow.
  23. The most influential platforms today revolve around sharing and generosity.
  24. Good contracts make good partnerships.  Good fences make good neighbors.
  25. Leading well means starting well.

I want to thank Brad and the Catalyst team for allowing me to be part of promotions team for this project.  It is a book I deeply believe in and feel every leader should have as a resource.

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