I just spent the week with the smartest, most creative people I have ever met.

Infusionsoft is one the fastest growing and most innvoative companies in the world.  Founded by Scott Martineau, this organization has dedicated itself to a single purpose: helping small businesses succeed. It’s their sole reason for existence.

They live out their calling (in an almost obsessive fashion) by building the only all-in-one sales and marketing software that makes it easy for small businesses to get organized, attract more customers, grow sales and save massive amounts of time.

Recently, the organization I work for, The Rocket Company, won the Infusionsoft Marketer Of The Year award.  It was a HUGE honor for a Christian organization to win a secular business award.

One of the benefits of winning this award was spending the week at their home offices in Arizona and with another company that works directly with Infusionsoft, Sixth Division.

Infusionsoft Lobby

Infusionsoft Lobby

  • Content Evangelism – Infusionsoft’s expertise, content marketing, can be a HUGE way for churches to evangelize their community.  By providing free content that builds your online and mail list, churches can continually add value and resources in a way that serves your community like never before.  There is a free webinar below that you will want to sign up for to find out more.
  • Great organizations are obsessive about core values and creating culture.  On every wall within the facility is one of Infusionsoft’s nine core values.  Also, at each quarterly review, every employee is required to recite them.  There is great power in having the clarity of knowing who you are.
  • The Power Of Conversation – Before telling people about your product on social media, have a brief conversation.  Thanks Heather Dopson for the insights.  Also, to follow all conversations on Twitter regarding your church or business, I recommend the Hootsuite platform.
  • Protect The Vision – As organizations grow, everyone wants to shape the product based upon their departmental need and view.  In churches, pastors and executive pastors need to protect the vision and serve as conductors between conversations.  Also, there is a need to have dedicated personnel that all they do is look 2-4 years ahead.
  • Great leaders spend more time asking questions than answering them.
  • Smart companies know that what many people call “accidents” are actually opportunities for discovery and growth.  Accidents are where things are discovered.
  • Even leaders want people and products that tell them what to do.  They desire done-for-you content.
  • People do not like to sign up for things that never end.
  • Churches and businesses are both super-efficient early on.  Scott gave us an incredible example – Amoebas (single cell organisms) have all their energy focused on forward progress.  Humans spend a lot of energy just staying alive.
  • Small churches and businesses can get big results from big effort.  Big churches and businesses only get big results from growing leaders.
  • Driven leaders need to slow down, breathe, and find out why they are driven.
  • Reward those in a big way who refer your church or product.  We often give gifts to first-time guests and customers.  Give gifts to those who refer them.
  • When hiring look at four things – Opportunity, Opportunity Cost, Likelihood of Getting a Great Hire, and Preference.
  • Look for companies that are young, small, hungry, and specialists in their field.  Big companies often just act dumb.
  • An opportunity that exists for everyone is how do you monetize content.
  • Develop a rolodex of customer/member stories and share them often.

Infusionsoft has a FREE Lifecycle Marketing Webinar Marathon coming up on Thursday, May 16th. There are four times available throughout the day to sign up.

Church leaders should watch this for applications to their outreach ministry.  Click here to sign up.

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