Yesterday I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast along with the entire Rocket Company team. The following is a series of posts from the leadership learnings from the day.

The afternoon’s final session featured Navy SEAL LCDR Rorke Denver.  LCDR Denver is a true American hero and gave arguably the most inspirational presentation of the day.

The following thoughts from LCDR Roarke should be read by all leaders:

  • I like explaining the quitting policy early on.
  • What differentiates SEALS from other units is our training.
  • As a leader, one of the funnest things about SEAL training is we go through the training with them.
  • Everyone keeps a tactical reserve.  Your inch is your opportunity to constantly improve in an elite environment.
  • Every team should have a battle cry.
  • As leaders, people at a minimum are going to mimic your behavior.  SEALS are going to amplify your behavior.  Calm is contagious.
  • Panic is contagious.  Stupid is 100% contagious.
  • Over 200 missions, all my guys have come back with me.
  • A covenant exists between a nation’s warriors and its civilians.
  • All of you are giving us something to fight for.  There is no other reason to go into harms way.

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