The following are the Top 10 Leadership Posts I read the week of June 3rd.  There is something here for everyone – humor, marriage, relationships, profiles of some of today’s best business thinkers, and both inspiring and difficult posts about Southern Baptist churches.

Take time to read each one and tell me your thoughts.

  1. Is There Hope For Dying Churches? by Paul Alexander.  This post deserves a special thanks to Pastor Johnny Hunt and First Baptist Church Woodstock (Ga).
  2. What I Learned About Spiritual Formation From Harley Davidson Motorcycles And Guns N’ Roses by Chad Brooks
  3. What’s Your Biggest Business Takeaway This Year? by  A collection of Vine interviews from some of today’s top entrepreneurs.
  4. Before Seth Godin Was Seth Godin by Ailian Gan.  Great tribute to Seth Godin on writing his 5000th blog post.  And speaking of….
  5. The 5000th Post by Seth Godin.  Congratulations Seth and keep them coming!
  6. It’s Not About The Nail by Jason Headley.  A classic short video about men, women, relationships, and communication.  A must watch!
  7. What Tools Do I Really Need to Follow Jesus? by Donald Miller
  8. 4 Solid Reasons Your Church Should Publish eBooks by Tim Peters
  9. Work-Life “Balance” Isn’t the Point by Christine Riordan at Harvard Business Review
  10. Report Finds ‘Heartbreaking’ Slide in Baptisms by Jeremy Weber.  This posts shows the continuing decline of traditional Southern Baptist churches.

That’s my Top 10 of the week.  What other great posts did you read this week.

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