It is no secret successful marriages are becoming more and more rare.  This unfortunate reality is having significant generational impact in our nation.  Recently, Dr. Crawford Loritts, senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church, outlined 10 Reasons Why Marriages Are In Trouble.  This list has critical importance as it could provide warning signs which could save your marriage.

  1. Immaturity – Don’t confuse age with development.  Delayed adolescence is an epidemic in America.
  2. Lack Of Spiritual Maturity To Judge Character Of Your Mate – You marry reality, not a dream.
  3. Selfishness
  4. Passive Men Without Much Drive.  This has been passed down from the Garden.  Our natural default mode is passivity.
  5. Historical Inability For Meaningful Communication
  6. Fear And Lack Of Intimacy
  7. Lack Of Connectedness With Desire For Two Separate Lives
  8. Lack Of Purposeful Family Development.  This is an outflow of the lack of strong male Christian leadership in the home.
  9. Technology Hinders Ability To Communicate Face-To-Face.  Guys, if you are 30 years old and reaching Call Of Duty’s top level, there is a problem.
  10. Not Accepting Responsibility For Problems

Crawford went on to provide 4 Purposes For Marriage:

  1. To Provide Companionship
  2. To Reflect And Carry God’s Image
  3. To Help Each Other
  4. To Carry On The Human Race

Regarding the topic of carrying on the human race.  Crawford previously provided parents 5 lessons in raising the next generation:

  1. Parents, Address And Get Rid Of Your Sin.  Dealing with our own sin as parents gives us the credibility to deal with theirs.
  2. Don’t Worship Your Children.  They are going to leave you one day…hopefully.
  3. Don’t Compare Your Kids With Each Other.
  4. Don’t Advocate For Kids Beyond That Which Is Right.
  5. Let Your Kids Feel The Consequences For Their Lies And Deceit.  There is a compounding effect to sin.  The tendencies of one generation becomes the traits in the next.

These lists give us much to think about and apply.  What areas of your life were you challenged in after hearing Crawford’s thoughts?


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