I am a big Marvel movie buff and today I saw The Wolverine.  Hugh Jackman is back for the sixth time portraying the X-Men character that has defined his career.  It is a great movie.

What I enjoyed most about the latest installment and what makes it distinct is it is more serious and suspenseful than average comic book movies.  It also contained a number of insights for leaders.

The following are 11 Leadership Quotes and Lessons I gleaned from the movie: 

  1. It Takes Time To Find Your Leadership Voice – After playing the Wolverine, also known as Logan, so many times, Jackman has truly captured the character’s voice.
  2. Leaders Are Defined More By What They Do Than What They Say – “It’s been an honor to meet the wolverine.  You are a soldier.” – Yukio, played by , after initially meeting Logan.
  3. Leaders Finish Well – “You seek what all soldiers do – an honorable death.” – Yashida, played by .
  4. The Price Of Leadership – Because Logan heals quickly and does not age, he also does not die.  Unfortunately, everyone else, including those he loves, does eventually pass away.  Logan specifically struggles to deal with the loss of Jean Grey from the third film.  Mariko, played by  tells him, “A man who has nightmares ever night of his life is in pain.” –
  5. Earth Is Not The Home Of Christian Leaders – As Christian leaders, earth is not our home.  We are made for heaven.  “Eternity can be a curse.  You can run out of things to live for.” – Yashida
  6. Building Trust Takes Time – When Logan arrives in Japan, he has no relationships nor understanding of the culture.  When leaders take on new assignments, it takes time to build trust in your new teammates and environment.
  7. Leaders Must Connect With Others – Understanding he does not understand their culture, Marko says, “I don’t expect you to understand.  You’re not Japanese.”
  8. No One Controls Your Destiny – As leaders we often give others far too much influence in our lives.  When Yukio advised Logan she has foreseen his imminent death, Logan rejects her assessment.  We should also reject a number of negative things said to us as well.
  9. Leadership Is Temporary – All leadership assignments eventually conclude.  The key is to steward your influence well while you have it.  “A life without end can have no meaning.”
  10. All Leaders Need Help – As indestructible as Logan is, Yukio takes on the role of his bodyguard in the film.
  11. Always Leave People Wanting More – I am not going to spoil it for you but stay until after the credits.  The Marvel movies do an incredible job creating interest by setting up the next film.  After watching the post-credits scene, I can’t wait for the next movie.  Incredible.

That is my thoughts on the film.  What did you think of The Wolverine?


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