Tonight legendary head coach Bill Parcells was inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame.  Coach Parcells retired as a two-time Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants.  He also did a tremendous job of turning around the New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys.

Coach Parcells is also one the greatest talent evaluators in NFL history.

The following are the leadership quotes from his induction speech that we all can learn from:

Quotes From Sal Paolantonio Interview At The Show’s Beginning 

  1. “He was 100% supportive of his own teammates, the coaching staff, and the organization.” – Parcells on George Martin.  Martin, who inducted Parcells, was the team’s captain and player rep.
  2. “This is a substantial tribute and the highest recognition you can get in this industry.”

Induction Quotes 

  1. “We knew there was a new sheriff in town the day he arrived.”
  2. “I am a football coach period.”
  3. “His football IQ is unprecedented.  He is an absolute master of identifying talent.”
  4. “Bill Parcells looked at each individually differently and knew how to get the best out of them.”
  5. “Bill was in in-your-face coach and a perfectionist.”
  6. “The man is a definitive winner…It didn’t matter where Bill went.  He made teams relevant.”
  7. “The true measure of Bill is the results.”

Acceptance Speech Quotes

  1. “Without that support (from George Martin) I wouldn’t be here tonight.”
  2. “Commitment has varying degrees in the NFL.”
  3. “I’ve seen coaches fired very quickly because the situation did not allow them to succeed.”
  4. “The nuts and bolts of football operations are your assistant coaches.”
  5. “I had the exact right kind of players, the right kind of personalities, understood my personality, and bought into our program.”
  6. “Mondays are Blue Mondays in NFL no matter if you won or lost.  Something bad always happens.”
  7. “A coach should not be talked to on Monday because they’re not worth talking to on Mondays.”
  8. “The players deserve a chance to win.  And you as the head coach have an obligatory responsibility to give it to them.”
  9. “The locker room is a great laboratory for human behavior.” – Steve Young
  10. “The acceptance of the locker room is to contribute to the greater good.  And if you’re committed to the greater good, you will be readily accepted.”
  11. “There are a lot of exit doors in pro football.”
  12. “Accountability is at a premium in great players.”
  13. “When you lift the championship trophy, there is a kinship formed.”
  14. “I wish all of American society could have experienced what I experienced.  It is a priceless education.”
  15. “Loser assemble in little groups and complain about the coaches and players in other little groups.  Winners assemble as a team.” – Emlen Tunnell

What do think of Coach Parcell’s comments?


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