Why do good teams go bad?  The toughest conversations leaders sometimes must have is determining why their good team’s goals and objectives are now going unmet and how to reverse negative momentum.  These organizations have pride and once accomplished great things.  But no longer.

In today’s USA Today, writer Ted Berg looks at four major league baseball teams who have disappointed this year.  His autopsies of these teams provide a great picture for what successful pastors, marketplace leaders, coaches, and those over non-profits must be aware of concerning their team’s declining performance.  You can read his full article by clicking here.

The following are Nine Reasons Good Teams Perform Badly:

San Francisco Giants

  • Top Players Perform Badly – When your top talent performs poorly, you’re in trouble.  The Giants once had one of the top pitching staffs in baseball.  This year they rank 12th in the NL with a 4.34 ERA.
  • You Start Missing Goals – This is an early warning sign.  Giants manager Bruce Bochy says. “We were one of those teams; when you’re playing well, you win those (close) games. And when it’s on the other side, it seems like it’s a battle to get a break.”

California Angels

  • Your Team Has High-Priced Older Declining Personnel – Financial flexibility is necessary for R&D and acquiring young talent.  The Angels have $196 million committed to Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, two former superstars whose best days are behind them.
  • A Lack Of Depth Exists – The Angels have a weak bench.
  • No Infusion Of Young Talent – Talented teams are green and growing.  In other words, teams with high performance are continually having an infusion of young talent.  Without this infusion, the team (or church) gets old all at the same time.

Washington Nationals

  • Personnel Becomes Unreliable – Poorly performing teams have people they simply cannot count on.  The Nationals’ bullpen has been very unreliable this season.
  • Apathy Sets In – Good teams that begin to perform poorly lack a sense of urgency.  Manager Davey Johnson is retiring after this season.  Many feel that a more fiery voice is needed when a replacement is found.

Philadelphia Phillies

  • You Lose Talent – Good teams who perform poorly lose top talent.  Injuries have devastated the Phillies this season.
  • There Is Lack of Financial Flexibility – Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, and Jonathan Papelbon are all highly paid and give the team few financial options without a major overhaul.

Top Performers Performing Badly, Missed Goals, High-Priced Declining Older Talent, No Depth, No Infusion Of Young Talent, Unreliability, Apathy, Loss Of Talent, and No Financial Flexibility.  If you have these 9 warning signs, your good team is probably already performing poorly.

Why else do you think good teams suddenly perform badly?


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