Would you rather have order or chaos?  It seems like a ridiculous question but believe it or not, pastors and church leaders choose chaos every day.  You see, if your church lacks a system for anything it does at least twice, you will spend significant time organizing chaos.

The world operates on systems.  For instance, your body has 12 systems including muscular, digestive, and circulatory systems.  The United States has a political system.  Even the earth exists as part of the solar system.

Systems are critical to health and life.  And not just to the body or government, but to your church as well.

That is why I’m excited to tell you about a FREE webinar being put on by The Rocket Company on August 20th at 1:00 PM EST.  Michael Lukaszewski will be teaching you the 5 systems every church must have to be effective.

The five systems every church must have to get order instead of chaos are:

  • Administrative
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Follow-Up
  • Volunteers

I can’t recommend this webinar enough.  Churches that have healthy systems are more effective.  Healthy systems allow you to focus on people rather than problems.  They save you money, time and allow you to operate more efficiently.  Healthy systems provide clarity and give clear on-ramps from what is in your mind to how best to connect that to the congregation.

You can sign up for this webinar by clicking here.

As part of the webinar, The Rocket Company will be selling their Systems Bundle at a special price of $299 and Systems Bundle Plus at $399.  This is over 25% off.  No matter the size of your church or how long you’ve been around, these church systems resources will help you become better with your administrative, volunteer, follow-up, marketing and communication systems.

Once again, click here to sign up for this webinar.  It is one-hour that can change the future of your church.


Click here or the image provided to register for a FREE webinar  put on by The Rocket Company on August 20th where we will teach on creating and implementing healthy systems in your church.  Healthy systems are the #1 thing needed for your church to grow and reach its full redemptive potential.

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