Vulnerability is becoming a more and more attractive quality in the best leaders I know.  We don’t have all the answers.  We don’t win every time.  We don’t hit all our goals.  We aren’t perfect.  And the bullets and arrows hurt when they hit us.

Hopefully we learn from it and get better but we do fail.

That is why I love so many of the posts in this Top 10 list.  Several are very transparent and/or discuss failure or tough issues the leaders are dealing with.  These posts will inspire and encourage you.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of August 19th:

  1. Leadership Lessons From My Family Vacation by Paul Alexander
  2. Social Media Perfection by Scott Couchenour
  3. A New Day by Eric Echols.  Great post by Eric after his son was diagnosed with diabetes.
  4. Millennials Want Impact, Not Platitudes by Joanne Fritz
  5. Why I Started Crying When I Saw The Final Cover Design Of My Book Limitless Life by Derwin Gray
  6. Do You Have The 5 Elements Of A Powerful Personal Brand by Michael Hyatt
  7. Infographic: DNA Of Fortune 100 CEOs by Mike Myatt
  8. Social Advocacy & Politics: Storytelling In The Twitter Age by Alan Rosenblatt
  9. 11 Key Attributes Of Great Leaders by Scott Williams
  10. Matt Hasselbeck, Football, and Evangelism by Pete Wilson

Thanks for reading.  What were some additional great posts you read this week?


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