September will be a very special month for this site and myself personally.  Over three years ago I launched this site to help leaders process their life experiences through a leadership context.  In other words, together we could become better leaders by finding leadership principles in just about anything.

Because of your generosity, this blog has become very successful.  So much so, that later in September I will be releasing my first BOOK!!!  Trust me, more on that very soon but talks are already underway for a 2nd.

Let me give you just a small preview.  I hear pastors and church leaders constantly say they want to create a leadership culture but no one knows exactly how to do that.  No system for leadership development exists.  Until now!  Like I said, more on that very soon.

In honor of the book’s release, I am dedicating the month of September to Best Practices.  With the exception of a few dedicated posts, I will spend the entire month analyzing the practices of the very best leaders, churches, sports teams, and organizations.  We are going to learn a lot and get even better as leaders.

Before we move into September, let’s take a quick look back at August.  August 2013 was the 4th most successful month in this site’s history.  In fact, readership was 42% over August 2012.  That is HUGE.  Thank you!!!

I am blown away by your kindness and constant referrals.  It is always humbling that you would give up your precious time to visit this site.  I trust its content has added value to you as a leader.

The following are the Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts Of August 2013 as determined by you the readers:

  1. 21 Lessons From The Girl Voted Ugliest On The Internet Who Is In Fact Strikingly Beautiful
  2. Should Christians See Lee Daniels’ The Butler?
  3. 11 Practices Of Highly Successful Leaders Over The Age Of 50
  4. 13 Practices Of Leaders Who Save Dying Organizations
  5. 10 Ways To Create Churches Angry Millennials Love To Attend
  6. Live Blog From The 2013 Global Leadership Summit – 17 Leadership Quotes From Andy Stanley
  7. 14 Leadership Lessons Everyone Should Know
  8. 3 Things Pastors Can Do To Be More Likable
  9. 5 Ways Christian Leaders Should Respond To Enemies And Critics
  10. The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of August 12th

The following are also 3 hidden gems which were personal favorites that did not make the Top 10.  I hope you enjoy them the second time around.

  1. Does Your Generosity And Obedience Have Limits?
  2. 14 Lessons Pastors Need To Know About Effectively Serving Business Leaders
  3. 30 Practices Of Leaders Who Are The Best Of Their Generation: Leadership Quotes From Tom Brady

Once again, it has been an absolute joy serving you.  I can’t wait to for September.


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