What type of individual in Louisville Cardinal quarterback Teddy Bridgewater?  In addition to being the best quarterback in college football, a Heisman Trophy favorite and probable top-2 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Teddy is a strong Christian who deeply loves Jesus.

In an article in April 24th The Southeast Outlook, Teddy said, ““As a 9-year-old, I was running into trouble, hanging out with the wrong crowd.  I have a single-parent background, moving often from home to home. A lot was happening with my family. One Sunday I went to the front of the church and poured my heart out to God. He gets all the praise and all the glory for what’s happened in my life.”

Now an usher and member of the choir of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Miami, Bridgewater is also a strong support of the University of Louisville Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry.  He says, “FCA has been a phenomenal part of my life.  It’s more than getting together to read the Bible and sing a song.  FCA has been phenomenal for me. We get in-depth Bible study.”

Bridgewater has a special fondness for the verse Philippians 4:13: “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

“My strength comes from above,” Bridgewater said. “It’s the backbone of my life. Because of my faith, I can get back up. If I get hit, I can get back up.”

Because of his guts and determination Bridgewater has been getting back up from hits most of his life.  In one of the previous quotes he mentioned a lot was going on with his family.  To hear that inspiring story, check out the ESPN video below:


After watching the video, I was able to glean from both Teddy Bridgewater and his mom Rose the following 11 Practices Of Leaders With Guts And Determination:

  1. Leaders With Guts And Determination Have It Modeled To Them By Others – Louisville head coach Charlie Strong says, “When you look at Teddy Bridgewater, (his mom) Rose is the reason he is who he is.”
  2. Leaders With Guts And Determination Have Support – Rose says, “The more you interact with your child and your child see you are supporting him, that goes a long way because a lot of parents would just drop their kids off.”
  3. Leaders With Guts And Determination Face Overwhelming Trials – In 2008, Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  4. Leaders With Guts And Determination Address Issues – Teddy spent much of his time helping his mother with her cancer treatments.
  5. Leaders With Guts And Determination Have Purpose – Teddy said, “I had a purpose in life and at the time my purpose was to protect my mom.”
  6. Leaders With Guts And Determination Don’t Give Up – When Teddy considered quitting football, his mom reminded him “You can’t give up.  God has given you a gift and you have to use it to the best of your ability.”
  7. Leaders With Guts And Determination Fulfill Their Responsibilities – Teddy marveled that “even though she was diagnosed with breast cancer she would still attend my games.”
  8. Leaders With Guts And Determination Kill Giants – “I wanted to show him I wasn’t giving up.  Cancer is a giant and giants do fall.  And it was just a matter of time before that giant fell” said Rose in inspirational fashion.
  9. Leaders With Guts And Determination Think Long-Term – Teddy knew the long-term effects if he quit football.  “If I quit now I’ll be quitting on her.  I’ll be quitting on life.  I kept playing ball.”
  10. Leaders With Guts And Determination Inspire Others – “He (Teddy) always says I’m his #1 fan but he’s my #1 fan and I got my inspiration from him.  He was my hero and he’s still my hero,” says Rose.
  11. Leaders With Guts And Determination Leave A Great Legacy – “Her fight, her determination makes me the person I am today.  She was determined to beat breast cancer and I’m determined to be successful in life.”

Teddy, you are already a success in life and I’m rooting for you to win the Heisman Trophy.  What a great scene it would be to witness Teddy Bridgewater win the aware with his mom in attendance.  Let’s hope that happens.


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