We have enough information.  We need inspiration.  If you agree with those statements, you will enjoy this week’s Top 10 list.  Many of these posts are inspiring and will encourage you to continue the leadership journey.  Enjoy!

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of September 2nd:

  1. How To Survive The Hard Moments by Jon Acuff
  2. 5 Reasons Personal Development Is Hard by Dan Black
  3. Social Media 101 by Trisha Davis
  4. Why It’s Insane To Pay $132 Million For A Soccer Player – And Why It Isn’t by Anita Elberse of the Harvard Business School
  5. The 10 Cents Of Tithing by Steven Furtick
  6. Words Will Fail You by Joseph Lalonde
  7. Puffer Fish Pastors by Michael Lukaszewski
  8. Toxic Employees Cost You More Than You Think by Bryan Miles
  9. The Unfortunate Story Of T-Mac by Bill Simmons
  10. 4 Inspiring Lessons From Diana Nyad’s Historic Swim by Minda Zetlin of www.Inc.com

Well that is my Top 10.  What are some other great posts you read this week?


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