Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

We celebrate leaders with large platforms.  We admire the big stage and their talent and giftedness which inspire us to accomplish things we never dreamed possible.  As a result, “celebrity” leaders are often put on a pedestal.

Some of the greatest leadership, however, is often done in secret and on smaller stages where few ever see it.  But those fortunate enough to come into the orbit of these incredible leaders are marked by their influence and the quality of their lives.

The Rocket Company holds our weekly meetings in a virtual office space called ROAM in Alpharetta, GA.  I appreciate ROAM’s friendly staff, vibe and the trendiness of their offices and work spaces.  But what I enjoy best is a gentleman named Keith who runs the coffee, refreshment, and kitchen area.  He is a great leader.

There is no better example of Keith’s leadership than earlier today, when completely unannounced, he and the rest of the ROAM staff thanked their customers by serving us Thanksgiving dinner.  I have never heard of a business doing this.  All in attendance were completely blown away and deeply grateful.  The incredible spread provided is shown above.

Thinking back on today’s lunch, I gleaned 9 things that make Keith such a great leader and respected member of the ROAM staff.

  1. He Knows Your Name – Every Monday when I arrive he joyfully says, “Hey Brian.”  This shows value.
  2. He Knows What You Like – Whenever I walk to the counter, he knows I am ordering a hot chocolate in a to-go-cup and gets the process started.
  3. He Knows Your Story – Keith and I often discuss our favorite vacation spot which happens to be the same place.
  4. He Performs His Responsibilities With Excellence – A few weeks back, he said, “Brian, try this muffin.  I just made them myself.  Let me heat it up for you.”  This is just over-the-top service.  By the way, the muffin tasted great.
  5. He Is Approachable – Keith always has a smile on his face and is an absolute pleasure to interact with.
  6. He Always Does A Little Extra – The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra.  During the summer I drink Gatorade.  I once went to purchase one when he said, “Do you want a cold one?  I’ve got cold drinks in the fridge behind the counter.”  He did not have to offer that.
  7. He Cares About People – How many people think of serving their customers Thanksgiving dinner?
  8. He Is Kind – The world is dying for leaders with kindness.  How many leaders have you ever met who were described as “kind”?  I would say few if any.  Keith is a wonderful picture of what kindness looks like.
  9. He Brings A Sense Of Humanity To The Organization – The entire staff of ROAM is an absolute joy to interact with.  This then becomes an ideal opportunity to thank them for helping promote my book The 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader.  Keith is the icing on the cake.  He is a linchpin.  Keith puts the smiling face on the organization.

I deal with hundreds of people annually in a variety of tasks.  I know of no one in America who carries out their responsibilities with the excellence of Keith.

If you happen to be in North Atlanta, take the Windward Parkway exit on GA-400 and visit the ROAM offices.  It is there where you will find Keith.  If you want to know what excellence in leadership and kindness looks like, Keith will show you how it is done.

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