Tonight, Ohio State, led by head coach Urban Meyer, will face Michigan State in the Big Ten Conference championship game.  If Ohio State prevails, they will likely play Florida State and probable Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston in next month’s national championship game.

Coach Meyer is one of the great leaders in sports.  After winning two national championships for the Florida Gators, he is currently 24-0 as head coach of the Buckeyes.

The following 13 Practices Of Highly Successful Leaders captured from two different episodes of ESPN College Gameday shown earlier this season.  All quotes are from Coach Meyer unless otherwise noted.

August 31st ESPN College Gameday

  1. Highly Successful Leaders Never Settle For Average – “It is so easy to be average.  We don’t want to coach average.”
  2. Highly Successful Leaders Push Themselves And Others – “It takes a little something special to be a great player.  Push yourself to be great.”
  3. Highly Successful Leaders Have A Higher Purpose – “You don’t come to work everyday for mat drills, for spring ball, for off-season training.  You come for the pagentry of college football.”
  4. Highly Successful Leaders Still Have Something To Prove – “I think angry is the way to play…The best teams I’ve ever coached, the best players, are the ones who are always trying to prove something.”
  5. Highly Successful Leaders Set Lofty Goals – “If we shoot for the stars we know whose at the top” – regarding the Alabama Crimson Tide
  6. Highly Successful Leaders Develop Others – “We better have much better passing stats or we didn’t do a very good job in recruitment or development.”
  7. Highly Successful Leaders Make Others Successful – “I expect him to be more dynamic, not necessarily with the ball in his hands.  That means distributing the ball to the people who can do what they’re supposed to do.”
  8. Highly Successful Leaders Are Criticized – “I used to worry about it (criticism).”
  9. Highly Successful Leaders Make Others Jealous – “When you have a lot of success, there’s going to be a lot of jealousy.” – Kirk Hebrstreit.  Lee Corso adds, “You win.  You’re handsome.  Jealousy.”
  10. Highly Successful Leaders Are Tough – “You darn right I’d hold my own.” – on if a fight broke out with another coach

Gameday November 30th

  1. Highly Successful Leaders Have Purpose – “A team with purpose is a hard team to beat.”
  2. Highly Successful Leaders Care About Others – “We have good players.  We have good coaches.  But the best is thing they care and to coach kids that care is everyone’s dream.”
  3. Highly Successful Leaders Celebrate – “One of the ways to take care of the team is to celebrate together.”

Don’t Settle For Average, Push Yourself And Others, Have A Higher Purpose, Keep Proving Something, Set Lofty Goals, Develop Others And Make Them Successful, Handle Criticism, Understand Jealousy, Toughness, Purpose, Caring, and Celebrate.  If you practice these 13 things, you too may be a highly successful leader.

I actually think it will be Michigan State celebrating tonight.  Who do you think will be facing Florida State in the national championship game?


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