I am so grateful to the online community which I am privileged to be a part of.  For any blog to be successful, there must be a number of very generous people who will pass along your thoughts to others.  The following 60 people or organizations have been extremely active recently RTing this site’s posts.

Before getting to the list though, I wish to accomplish several things with this post:

  1. To Say “Thank You!” – We all hope to have our posts read by as many people as possible.  However, this one is a little different.  As long as these 60 individuals read this and I know how much I appreciate them, that would be good enough for me.
  2. They Can Encourage You – These 60 people get it.  They understand the value of content and how to share it. When they RT something, they are saying, “This is good and others need to hear it.”  What a great compliment.
  3. They Recognize Quality Content – I want to help you get your message out.  By connecting you to others, this becomes more possible. Now they do not RT items for just any reason.  Make sure your posts are creative, unique, and add value to others.  If they are, these individuals will pass it along to their spheres of influence.
  4. I Want To Increase Their Influence And Yours – One of my hopes is that the readers of this post will follow these individuals.  They provide quality material and many are experts in their field.  Also, many, if not all, will follow you back.

With that being said, the following are 60 links to Twitter accounts that can expand your social network and influence:

  1. ThomasMcDaniels
  2. Carey Nieuwhof
  3. ServingStrong
  4. Scott Cochrane
  5. RonEdmondson
  6. Rob Cizek
  7. NYC_CoachO
  8. Rob Jacobs
  9. Dr_Zimmerman
  10. Blake Atwood
  11. Meghan Howard
  12. Brian Stowe
  13. Robert Dial
  14. Eric Echols
  15. Mike Holmes
  16. David Culberhouse
  17. coguninc
  18. ikereighard
  19. Carissa Figgins
  20. Lyn_Smith
  21. Faith Village
  22. Derwin L. Gray
  23. Scott Cochrane
  24. Brandon A. Cox
  25. Warren Bird
  26. David C. Cook
  27. Pete Hardesty
  28. Van Baird
  29. Mitchell Holley
  30. Ivan Art Alston
  31. Dan Greer
  32. Jon Stallings
  33. Shawn Thornton
  34. Amy Fenton
  35. Titus Mathew
  36. Joseph LaLonde
  37. Ideas For Leaders
  38. Faithful News
  39. Virgil Grant
  40. Deborah Roth Grannie
  41. Jamie Maddox
  42. Hope Richards
  43. Brandon Miller
  44. Kalpesh Shah
  45. Ken Lupton
  46. Faithful News
  47. Jim Woolums
  48. Wouter van der Toorn
  49. Bob Seymore
  50. Matt McComas
  51. Frank Hopkins
  52. ILI
  53. Jeff Bennett
  54. LaRae Quy
  55. Trevor Lee
  56. Joseph Sangl
  57. Pastors.com
  58. Tyler Tollefson
  59. Church Health
  60. Church at Regal

If I missed anyone this month, you have my apologies and I will spotlight you in the future.


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