One of the most popular posts I do are the weekly Top 10 Posts I Read that past week.  This week’s post is very special.  This post contains the Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read In All Of 2013.  These are the best of the best – the best posts I read all year.

Each one is a must read.  Every post contains heart, soul, transparency, great insights, things that challenged my thinking, and some were even breaking news.

In a year of great writing, the following are the Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read In All Of 2013:

  1. 4 Leadership Lessons I Was Reminded Of By The Birth Of My 4th Child by Paul Alexander
  2. Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax by Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey at  Get the Pulitzer Prize ready.
  3. How Do You Forgive A Sexual Abuser? By Writing A Letter by Mary DeMuth
  4. My Adventure to Kolkata, India by Derwin Gray.
  5. Worst End Of The Summer Mom Ever: The Sequel by Jen Hatmaker.  This post was so popular Jen appeared on national television to discuss it..
  6. 7 Things I Learned Watching Andy Stanley Teach Middle Schoolers by Michael Lukaszewski
  7. 10 Politically Incorrect Reasons Why We’re Still Married by Tony Morgan.  An absolute masterpiece by Tony.  One of the best I’ve read this year.
  8. Leadership Trends With Casey Graham by Carey Nieuwhof.  In this post Carey interviews Casey about how pastors and church leaders can better disciple the business leaders within their church.  It is the best 16 minutes I invested all week and will change how you view the business community.
  9. 20 Things The Rich Do Every Day by Dave Ramsey.  Dave provides us a great personal growth plan for 2014.
  10. How to Recover from Life’s Worst Disasters by Rick Warren via  Our hearts and prayers are still with Pastor Rick, Kay and the entire Warren family.  The Warrens are a gift to the Body of Christ.

That is my Top 10 of the year.  I can’t wait until 2014.  What were some of your favorites that did not make this list?


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