I have waited a month for Passion 2014 to begin and was not disappointed.  Passion City Church pastor Louie Giglio opened the proceedings and Jesus showed up big time.  We were taken to the cross to get a fresh look at the crushing death of Jesus and what it means to our lives.

The following are 33 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Louie Giglio at the Passion 2014 Conference from Houston:

  1. God is bigger than what we think He is.  We don’t have a clue.
  2. The globe is too small for the God we worship.
  3. Worship happens with or without you. Worship happens wherever God is present.
  4. People are lost and God cares.
  5. Most people say, ‘I think I’m going to Heaven.’  Think is a very dangerous word when you are talking about Heaven.
  6. Sin doesn’t make us BAD… Sin makes us DEAD.
  7. You and I are worse than we think… God gave us 10 rules. Are We Following Them?
  8. Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Nothing good you do. Nothing bad you do.
  9. I started understanding the cross (while Dr. Stanley was preaching) and it started gripping me.  What was weird is it wasn’t gripping anyone else in our group.
  10. It pulled me into seeing Jesus crushed for me.  I was 19 years old….What I saw stopped me in my tracks.  Seeing Jesus crushed on the cross for me.
  11. Jesus was crushed by grace.  Somehow it was the most horrible and beautiful thing I have ever seen and it took my breath away.
  12. You will know when you have seen Jesus and seen the cross when you understand it’s not THE cross but YOUR cross.
  13. There’s only one victim in the gospel story and His name is Jesus.
  14. Not only am I not the victim of the gospel story.  I am the perpetrator.
  15. Understanding the story of the gospel that I am not a victim is tough in a world full of victims.
  16. My sin crushed Jesus on the cross.
  17. God was not a passive bystander at the cross.
  18. Jesus shed blood on the cross but He was already shedding blood before He got to the cross.
  19. God’s wrath poured out on Christ obliterated our curse.
  20. All the hell we deserved was dropped out of Heaven and onto the God we serve.
  21. Shame is finished people.  Guilt is done.  Condemnation is no more.
  22. There is an enemy who wants you to hang onto what God has obliterated.
  23. The past has been vaporized by the work of Jesus.
  24. Our world needs a generation who sees that.
  25. When we see Jesus was crushed by the grace of God we will see all self crushed by the grace of God.
  26. Nobody here’s too good and nobody here’s too bad because of the grace of the cross.
  27. We all have a stain of sin and shame until Jesus comes.
  28. If the gospel ends with me I don’t have a gospel.
  29. The gospel says, “I am brand new because of the grace of love of Jesus Christ.”
  30. The cross is the only I want to live for.  The cross is the only thing I want to celebrate.
  31. A seeing generation is unstoppable.
  32. The same grace that crushed Him on the cross crushed me for life.
  33. By the cross I am done with the world and the world is done with me.

More to come as the weekend progresses.


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