If you are thinking of quitting your leadership responsibilities, your marriage or what God has called you to, then read this.

In an effort to add value to church leaders, The Rocket Company has dispatched me to attend the Velocity 2014 Conference.  For anyone involved in church planting, this is a can’t-miss event.

Mike Linch, the amazing lead pastor of NorthStar Church, just gave an incredible message entitled “Finish The Wall”.  The content originated from the book of Nehemiah and focused on finishing well.  All pastors and church leaders can learn from these sessions.

The following are 54 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Mike Linch – Velocity 2014:

  1. My goal is to challenge you about where you are in your journey and finish what you started.
  2. What is the vision God has given you in a sentence that keeps you up at night?
  3. It’s easy for other people’s fire not to be as hot about the vision as your’s.
  4. If other people are not following along with the vision it’s a lonely walk.
  5. Visions are always birthed from burdens.  A great vision always comes about from a burden you have.
  6. Since 1991, I’ve been on two church staffs and lived in one city.  Change isn’t high on my list of priorities.
  7. The beginning part of the burden of the vision isn’t the hard part.  Finishing it is the hard part.
  8. My goal was never to be a pastor.  It was to play professional baseball.
  9. The wall (what Nehemiah was trying to build) comes from our personal burden and vision.
  10. If you’re at a point in life yet you don’t have a wall, if you’re patient it will come.
  11. God sees something in you…God’s not looking for ability but availability.  There are a lot of people who have ability but not the interest.
  12. The wall always takes time, effort and energy.  It’s never easy.
  13. We assume because God gives us the wall, the wall should come easy.  That is just not the case.
  14. Is it worth it?  Am I good enough?  Can I finish this?
  15. The wall will always require the help of others.  I can’t build it alone.
  16. One of the most frustrating things is translating vision to someone else whose vision wasn’t theirs…This is something only God can do.
  17. There are times God does things in churches that is bigger than us.
  18. You need the help of others.  You need them and they need you.
  19. The wall is worth fighting for.
  20. The greater the work God wants to do through your wall the greater the stuff you’re going to face…You better fight for that wall.  You better fight for that vision.
  21. There are people on the inside that will turn on the vision.
  22. If you’re the pastor, they are personal to you.  It’s not personal.  It’s spiritual.
  23. There are people on the outside that will turn on the vision.
  24. If it benefits you, it’s a personal wall.  If it blesses other, it’s the right wall.
  25. My definition of spiritual maturity is “others”.
  26. The larger the organization grows the more deluded the vision gets.
  27. I see people quit too easily.
  28. Over 17 years at NorthStar, we’ve helped hundreds of churches start.  I can tell you within one lunch how long it will last.  Are they willing to fight for the vision?
  29. That guys that are still in it aren’t the brightest and smartest.  They just refuse to quit.
  30. The wall will charge critics to challenge our work in progress.
  31. Our job is to do the work.  It’s God’s job to send the blessing.
  32. The greater the vision and burden, the louder the critic.
  33. Critics kill me because they question motive, heart and integrity.
  34. When we started NorthStar our greatest critics weren’t lost people.  They didn’t care.
  35. Critics can make you think they’re the majority.
  36. The more personal the burden and vision the more personal you take the criticism.
  37. Some of you your greatest critics are the ones closest to you.
  38. I’m not coming off the wall.  The work of the wall is too important.
  39. The voices of truth need to be louder than the critics.  Have good people around you.
  40. I hate critics.
  41. For every critic you need someone on the other side.
  42. The wall will test all that we are made of.
  43. The test of action shows you what you’re made of.
  44. The wall will cause us to reach the end of ourselves.  I can’t finish it by myself.
  45. God always leaves a gap between the wall and the finished products.  That is where we must rely on Him.
  46. The wall teaches us we need His strength to finish the work.
  47. We give out and give up when we feel overwhelmed.
  48. We give out and give up when we feel alone.  I need a spotter.  Everybody needs somebody to spot them.
  49. We give out and give up when we feel fear.  Fear paralyzes us.
  50. When fear sets in you make more mistakes.
  51. If we lose sight of why we started the wall in the first place we’ll quit.
  52. Your wall must be bigger than your obstacles.
  53. The guys that build the churches have the tenacity to finish.
  54. The rearview mirror always tells us the truth.

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