The new film When The Game Stands Tall is just a fantastic movie and a must-see event for every family.  This movie chronicles the De La Salle Spartans high school football team and their head coach Bob Ladouceur, played by Jim Caviezel, following their first loss after a 151 game winning streak over 12 years.

Prior to giving you 23 leadership quotes from the movie, I want to provide you 17 leadership lessons you will take away from the film.

  1. The Process Is More Important Than The Result Because Results Flow From Healthy Processes
  2. The Best Coaches Are Life Coaches, Not Just Athletic Ones
  3. Your Child Needs You To Be A Parent, Not A Coach Or Friend
  4. Teams Who Are Unified And Care About Each Other Perform Better
  5. Great Assistant Coaches Make Head Coaches Better
  6. Teams Are More Important Than Individuals
  7. A Healthy Perspective Is Needed To Have Humility And A Grateful Heart
  8. Your Family Should Always Take Priority Over Your Career
  9. One Year’s Success Does Not Guarantee The Next Year’s Success
  10. It’s Not How Hard You Fall.  It’s How You Get Back Up
  11. Little Things Done Well Make A Big Difference
  12. Great Mentors Provide A Picture Of What A Person Could Be
  13. Complacency, Pride And Over-Confidence Are Dangerous Threats To Personal And Team Success
  14. Every Team Member Has Something To Add And Plays A Critical Role
  15. Success Smells A Lot Like Sweat
  16. Failure Is Never Final
  17. A Man’s Success Is In Direct Proportion To His Wife’s Confidence In Him

The following are 23 additional Leadership Quotes From When The Game Stands Tall.

  1. “We’re not asking you to be perfect on every play.  What we’re asking of you and what you should be asking of each other is to give a perfect effort from snap to whistle.” – Coach Ladouceur
  2. “Winning a lot games is doable.  Teaching the kids there’s more to life, that’s hard.” – Coach Ladouceur
  3. “This program was founded on certain ideals – Perfection, Commitment, Compassion, Brotherhood, Faith.”- Coach Ladouceur
  4. “We were never just about winning.  We were built on families.” – Coach Ladouceur
  5. “Life’s most impressionable lessons are when something challenging happens and confronts you.” – Coach Ladouceur
  6. “The streak was never our goal.” – Coach Ladouceur
  7. “Love makes you can can’t on me in good times and bad.” – Coach Ladouceur
  8. “Big goals stretch our abilities but are doable when given the effort.” – Coach Ladouceur
  9. “Give perfect effort from start to finish.” – Coach Ladouceur
  10. “Family isn’t just blood relatives.  It’s anyone who love you unconditionally.” – Coach Ladouceur
  11. “I got caught up in the streak and it nearly killed me.” – Coach Ladouceur
  12. “Spend as much time with your family as you do the team.” – Coach Ladouceur’s wife Bev played by Laura Dern
  13. “People ask me what it’s like to never lose.  Today I’m lost.” – Coach Ladouceur
  14. “Some people don’t know who they are, all they have but something’s missing.” – Coach Ladouceur’s wife Bev
  15. “I want to help you when you grow up you can be counted on.” – Coach Ladouceur
  16. “We got lost, caught up in the hype, the glory and the relentless pressure.  That’s not who we are.” – Coach Ladouceur
  17. Commitment.  Accountability.  Perfect Effort.  Love
  18. “Don’t let a game define who you are.  Let your lives do that.” – Assistant Coach Terry Eidson played by Michael Chiklis
  19. “Collapse.  Not die.  It’s just a high school football game.” – Coach Ladouceur
  20. “I don’t want a kid on that field who isn’t fit to play.  I don’t care if we lose the game.” – Coach Ladouceur
  21. “Our goal is to give the perfect effort on every play.” – Coach Ladouceur
  22. “My husband is turning your son into a man.” – Coach Ladouceur’s Bev
  23. “It’s not about the record.  It’s about the team.” – former player Cam Colvin

Once again, this is just an amazing movie.  Don’t miss it.  What were your thoughts on the movie?

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