Today I will be live blogging from REACT – a one day call to men to become leaders who will leave a legacy and impact their families and churches for Christ!

This event is part of an organization called Real Momentum.  Started by Keith Boggs, this ministry is designed to unleash men to become all God has created them to be.  Make sure you download their app by clicking Here.

The morning’s second speaker was Dr. Crawford Loritts, the incomparable Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church.  The following are 27 leadership quotes on leaving a Godly legacy from his amazing session:

  1. What Johnny Hunt has done eclipses what he says.
  2. One of the lingering effects of a divorced culture and the erosion of authority has been the loss of hope for the future.
  3. Because of pain and not having the role models we should honor we have made the dastardly assumption that our moment in history is the only moment that matters.
  4. We think exposure is the same thing as experience.
  5. We don’t know what it’s like to marinate and process.
  6. My parents had a sense of future about them.
  7. You’re going somewhere. Act like it. – Crawford’s dad when he was a young child
  8. What are we passing on to a time we cannot see?
  9. My life has meaning because of what God wants to do three, four, five generations down the pike.
  10. To be a man means you are a steward of direction. God did not invite us to negotiate this role.
  11. Your whole life is to be organized around the character of God and the content of Scripture.
  12. What is to be passed on to the next generation is the character of God and the content of Scripture.
  13. You’ve got to win about telling your kids about the character of God, Who He is. And the content of Scripture, what He said.
  14. Identity is declarative. It is outside ourselves. It is not inclination.
  15. Don’t institutionalize your struggles and say that’s our identity. The Bible calls us out of that.
  16. Too much information brings a lot of confusion.
  17. Are you bringing your behavior up to the Book?
  18. My wife and I believe the Bible. We believe in the power of God’s Word.
  19. A hard head makes a soft backside. – Crawford’s dad
  20. You raise this generation based upon what you want the 6th, 7th, 8th, or the next 20th generation to look like. What do you want the future Loritts generations to look like?
  21. You want to teach them they should put their hope in God when things are not working out.
  22. Give them a sense of history and not forget the works of God.
  23. Don’t abuse your children by not giving them the opportunity to trust God on their own.
  24. A ship is safe in harbor but that is not what it was built for. That ship was built to sail and they have to be sail-worthy.
  25. Teach them to obey God.  It is not optional.
  26. Blessing comes with obedience.
  27. You don’t have to be successful. You do have to obey God.

The next session will be a second one conducted by Dr. Johnny Hunt.  It should be amazing!

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