Today I will be live blogging from REACT – a one day call to men to become leaders who will leave a legacy and impact their families and churches for Christ!

This event is part of an organization called Real Momentum.  Started by Keith Boggs, this ministry is designed to unleash men to become all God has created them to be.

The morning’s second session was led by Dr. Johnny Hunt, the wonderful Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock (GA).  The following are 43 leadership quotes on leading through dry seasons from his amazing session:

  1. If you’ve never been through a dry season. Hold on. It will one day come uninvited.
  2. When I first got converted, I had never owned a Bible.
  3. I made commitments in the early part of my life that I didn’t want to be mediocre.
  4. David experienced times when God seemed distant.
  5. You may not finish long but you can finish strong.
  6. It is not your duration of life but your donation of life.
  7. If you’re experiencing long periods of dryness, I must examine my life.
  8. Is there any unconfessed sin between my Lord and I?
  9. Am I physically unprepared?
  10. Stress is a silent killer.
  11. Sometimes you try too much.
  12. Sometimes you have stress or burn out simply from routine.
  13. Sometimes there are lack of margins in our life.
  14. When the first sign of burnout appears, it’s time for a break.
  15. Pastors are expected to lead even when the desire to do so is challenged.
  16. Being an entrepreneur, everything you initiate arrives on your task list.
  17. 24% of our best leaders felt secure in their faith but spiritually dry.
  18. Spiritual exhaustion doesn’t come from sin, but service. – Oswald Chambers
  19. Remember your soul is satisfied in environments where your soul engages eternity. – Boyd Bailey
  20. You have no idea where God wants to take you, so be obedient.
  21. The day you die should be more celebrated than the day you were born.
  22. If I could stay awake 24-7 and comprehend God, it is beyond my capacity to comprehend all God is doing.
  23. You can’t estimate what God is doing through you.
  24. It’s not my duty to convince the people to believe. It’s my duty to be convinced I believe.
  25. We preachers never prepare to give a boring sermon.
  26. It is not the truth I know but the truth I obey that makes the greatest difference.
  27. God’s work at times is incomprehensible.
  28. You may grow weary in the work but never grow weary of the work. But sometimes you can’t know the difference between the two.
  29. Most people who get in trouble, it’s not a blowout. It’s a slow leak.
  30. Emotional emptiness leads to chronic exhaustion.
  31. A leader can make some of the worst decisions of his life during emotional emptiness.
  32. Some of the regrets of my life were allowing daily decision-makers to make decisions I should have made.
  33. Sometimes you go through such a difficult time that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy but wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
  34. The biggest drain on your reserves is managing difficult people. Politics in the workplace.
  35. It was in the prime of David’s life he had most of his difficulties.
  36. How do you find time with your family as a pastor? The same way you do.
  37. Fight back. It is always too soon to quit.
  38. Recruit others to help you emotionally.
  39. Find a new mission that renews your passion and creates meaning in life.
  40. Help always comes in incremental increases.
  41. God, with what time I have left, let me carve out the priorities.
  42. The single greatest platform God has ever given me is First Baptist Woodstock.Mentoring young men to preach the Gospel is a big priority to me.
  43. When I was at a difficult time in my life, the only thing in ministry I did was touch poverty. I had to touch people in a worse position than I was in.

The final session will be conducted by Dr. Crawford Loritts from Fellowship Bible Church.  It has been an amazing morning!

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